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Subject: [gentoo-user] device eth0 does not exist
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 07:04:57
1 Hello, and thancks for the help. I really dig Gentoo.
3 I've installed my first Gentoo, but now I'm stuck. I started on an old PIII to try things out. Got the networking, ATI happening with xfce4 (had to unmasked a few things)and quickly dicided I would rather do this on the fastest machine I've got. I stuck the hardrive in my PIV and it booted, so I thought I'd just reconfigure and keep going. I compiled a new kernel with a module for the new onboard nic and had networking again. After a deep update gcc broke but was easy fixed by updating the link to my current gcc version 4.3.2. After discovering the gentoolkit (Wow!) I was revdep-rebuilding emerging -udN system and world 'cause my network interface was now coming up as eth1. There seemed to some residue from the previous network and graphix cards. So then I went removed the keywords file that unmasked packages for X and or ATI and emptied the portage tree. "emerge -eN system && emerge -eN world" 80!... 24 hours later my system has been entirely rebuilt with the new gcc and no masked packages. Cool! Had unmerged X and xfce4 somewhere along the way, so reinstalled them with some other bits and pieces as per the Gentoo xfce4 config guide. Haven't rebooted yet. Reboot! Had grub now Lilo? I didn't do that. Oh well, still works. Ok everything seems to be fine, accept no network (and net-setup seems to have disapeared):( I think have inadvertantly migrated to Xorg 1.5 with all that hal stuff). Then I thought maybe i had migrated to openrc as well and started fiddling /etc/conf.d and /etc/rc.conf. (and a bit in /etc/edev/rules.d too:0. But emerge and equery assure me that I don't have baselayout-2 or openrc installed. ifconfig -a shows only lo and sit0. So Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Here are some detailes.
5 # emerge --info
7 my kernel cofiguration
9 /etc/conf.d/rc
11 /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
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