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From: "Boyd Stephen Smith Jr." <bss03@××××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] ramfs - is it necessary ???
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 10:44:57
1 On Thursday 22 February 2007 01:58, Alan McKinnon wrote:
2 > Or you could dp it the way Boyd does it - with his / on an lvm group. To
3 > do that he needs an initramfs which has drivers for at least his disk
4 > bus, his disk adapter, the filesystem on / and lvm before his kernel
5 > can access /. Genkernel is just an easy automated way to do that.
7 Or it would be, but the last initramfs it generated for me wouldn't start
8 my
9 md0 (whole-disk software RAID via mdadm) device, which is part of the
10 volume
11 group holding /. [I should try again, perhaps genkernel has gotten smart
12 enough to read my mdadm.conf, ala Debian, and start whole-disk software
13 RAID.]
15 Right now, I get dumped to a shell prompt inside the initramfs each time my
16 system boots, I then have to start my volume group manually in partial mode
17 to get (RO) access to the block device / is on. [I don't seem to even have
18 the right tools inside the initramfs to bring up whole-disk software RAID,
19 or
20 at least I haven't figured out how.] Then Gentoo tries to boot but fails
21 because it can't mount / as RW (lvm marks lvs in vgs started in partial
22 mode
23 as RO block devices) although it doesn't bail out quickly, so it thinks
24 certain services (like localmount) have started when they haven't.
26 I then log in as root and bring all the lvs to RW status, remount /,
27 restart
28 the 3-4 services that Gentoo thinks are up, and let it continue.
30 In short, my boot process is fsck'd, but I don't reboot enough to have it
31 really bother me. But, this thread isn't really about my troubles even if
32 some of my setup *is* useful as examples of why you might need an
33 initramfs.
35 [My fsck'd setup also shows how powerful the layered startup in *nix is.
36 Failing to find your C: drive in Windows is not really recoverable without
37 boot media.]
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