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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Something weird and I'm confused. BIOS and SATA is empty
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2011 12:44:30
1 Hi,
3 This is weird and I'm not sure what info to give yet. This is the
4 events tho. First, a raccoon got on the power substation transformer
5 that supplies power for the whole county, excluding my local city which
6 has its own transformer. So, we lost power. It was sudden just like a
7 power switch. Yea, this happens regular here and it ticks me to no
8 end. It also ticks off the power company because it is always about 2
9 or 3 in the morning when the little farts do this. Second, my system
10 switched to the UPS battery which was beeping and woke me up. I did a
11 normal shutdown and cut everything off. No problems so far. Patience.
12 o_O
14 When the power came back on, I turned on the UPS which turns on the
15 modem, router, monitor and everything computer related back on. I
16 waited a few seconds and turned on my rig. BIOS comes up which I wasn't
17 really looking at, then Grub prompt. I hit enter and got the "file not
18 found" thing. Well, this is weird. So, I hit a key to try a older
19 kernel, I keep several older versions around just in case. Same error.
20 Hmmm. I did a reset and noticed the BIOS is NOT seeing a single drive
21 connected, NOT ONE. What !! I enter the BIOS and go to the drive
22 section and try to get it to detect them, nothing. Surely three hard
23 drives and a DVD burner can't all go out at exactly the same time.
24 Well, after scratching my head a bit, I reset the BIOS to defaults,
25 which should be about what it is anyway since I don't overclock. Still
26 same grub error.
28 After a bit, I loaded sysrescue from the USB stick. I thought maybe
29 grub updated and it was having issues so was planning to chroot in and
30 fix it. Here comes a funny part. When I did a cat /proc/partitions
31 from sysrescue, all my drives and partitions were there even tho the
32 BIOS didn't see them. However, cfdisk gave me a error when I tried to
33 look at the drives. Same error on ALL drives. Now I'm freaking out a
34 bit. :/ Oh, for you folks who use LABELS like me, write down which
35 partition is what. If cfdisk doesn't work, you can't tell what
36 partition is what. ;-) Anyway, while in there I finally started
37 mounting partitions and seeing what files were there until I figured out
38 what was what, at least for root and boot. When I did my ls on /boot,
39 the kernels were symlinks to the kernel sources on /usr which is not
40 mounted yet. OK. Whew!! That's why grub can't find the kernel since
41 it is a symlink to a partition that is not mounted yet. I did find two
42 that were actual files and not links. Thanks goodness for being a
43 packrat. lol
45 I reboot and the BIOS shows my drives not as SATA but as IDE. However,
46 I edit the grub kernel line to point to a good kernel and it boots. I'm
47 actually typing in it now.
49 My questions you ask? Why is the BIOS not seeing the drives correctly?
50 The main BIOS screen sees nothing and it used to print them on the
51 screen, including the DVD burner. They do show up on the second screen
52 where AHCI detects drives. Next question, why could cfdisk not see the
53 drives? Note, I tried all three drives on my system, same error. I may
54 reboot into the sysrescue thing and try it again and write down the error.
56 I'm going to test on this some more. I want to figure this out in case
57 there is something wrong or I run into this again and can't get cfdisk
58 to work. I'm also going to print my partition layout too. lol
60 Oh, from the Gentoo install, cfdisk sees the drives and works
61 perfectly. The only thing I notice is a "*" way out to the right on the
62 last partition. Like this:
64 sda9 Logical ext4 [chroot] 61832.05 *
66 I'm not sure what the "*" means tho. Any ideas? That is where I do my
67 builds for a 32 bit install hence the label. It is not even mounted all
68 the time.
70 Dale
72 :-) :-)
74 P. S. I'll post back as I test things. This is weird. Like me. ROFL