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From: Walter Dnes <waltdnes@××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Update to /etc/sudoers disables wheel users!!!
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2022 06:31:57
Message-Id: Y1jURxx+uvtr5E/
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Update to /etc/sudoers disables wheel users!!! by Ramon Fischer
1 On Wed, Oct 26, 2022 at 05:04:35AM +0200, Ramon Fischer wrote
2 > Hello Walter,
3 >
4 > I do not think, that this is a bug, since it is the default file, which
5 > should not be edited by the user.
7 Firstly "grep -i uncomment /etc/sudoers" results in...
9 ## Uncomment to enable special input methods. Care should be taken as
10 ## Uncomment to use a hard-coded PATH instead of the user's to find commands
11 ## Uncomment to send mail if the user does not enter the correct password.
12 ## Uncomment to enable logging of a command's output, except for
13 ## Uncomment to allow members of group wheel to execute any command
14 ## Uncomment to allow members of group sudo to execute any command
15 ## Uncomment to allow any user to run sudo if they know the password
17 ...I.e. the file is explicitly telling you to edit it if required!!!
19 > All changes should be done in "/etc/sudoers.d/" to avoid such cases.
21 My regular user has script "settime" in ${HOME}/bin
23 #!/bin/bash
24 date
25 /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/rdate -nsv
26 /usr/bin/sudo /sbin/hwclock --systohc
27 date
29 /etc/sudoers.d/001 has, amongst other things, two lines...
31 waltdnes x8940 = (root) NOPASSWD: /sbin/hwclock --systohc
32 waltdnes x8940 = (root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/rdate -nsv
34 User "waltdnes" is a member of "wheel". If the "wheel" line is
35 uncommented in /etc/sudoers, sudo works for me. If the "wheel" line is
36 commented, then sudo breaks for my regular user.
38 > I kept mine unchanged from 2nd October and only have two uncommented lines:
39 >
40 >     [...]
41 >     root ALL=(ALL:AlL) ALL
42 >     [...]
43 >     @includedir /etc/sudoers.d
44 >
45 > I am using version "1.9.11_p3-r1".
47 Me too.
49 There seem to be two different approaches here. The loose approach is
50 to allow a user to run "sudo <whatever I damn well want>". A more locked
51 down approach allows regular users to run "sudo <very specific command>".
52 This guards against "fat-finger-syndrome". I go with the more locked
53 down approach
55 --
56 I've seen things, you people wouldn't believe; Gopher, Netscape with
57 frames, the first Browser Wars. Searching for pages with AltaVista,
58 pop-up windows self-replicating, trying to uninstall RealPlayer. All
59 those moments, will be lost in time like tears in rain... time to die.


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