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From: Dmitry Makovey <mldimon@×××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] KDE4+i945+kernel+external display = ?
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 01:50:42
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] KDE4+i945+kernel+external display = ? by William Kenworthy
1 William Kenworthy wrote:
2 >
3 >
4 ah, the magic word: GMA :) Thanks for the reference I have started
5 applying advises from there so we'll see what will I end up with.
6 > Welcome to our world of pain :(
7 >
8 it is quite surprising considering that Intel has opensource drivers
9 etc. So no "weirdness" should arise as developers have the specs etc.
10 (at least that was my understanding so far).
11 > I made some headway using "-hal" for xorg-server in USE, and IgnoreEDID
12 > and setting DDC to false in xorg.conf but the latest updates ignore
13 > those and the UXA settings in the link above (check the xorg log for
14 > other dirty secrets)
15 >
16 Xorg.0.log looks much cleaner now that I got drm issues out of the way...
17 > I am using 2.6.31-r3 (with kernel mode setting by default for the i915 -
18 > doesnt work well without it) and xorg-server 1.6.5.
19 >
20 which intel driver do you use? Mine's 2.8.1 and I wonder if bumping to
21 2.9.1 that is in testing wouldn't yield better results.
22 > Its a laptop and there is no easy solution as the external screens
23 > (various) that I use with it often have only 1024x768 in common with its
24 > own LCD and stupid xorg wont let me overide it without consequences
25 > elsewhere :(
26 >
27 > xorg sucks badly at the moment and there is no viable alternative to
28 > switch to - and the saddest thing is the chipset has worked fine in the
29 > past (sadly becoming distant past for me) ...
30 >
31 I too found "degradation" quite surprising since things were working
32 pretty well up until now. I somewhat regret KDE4 switch because of all
33 of this, however I definitely needed some of the features KDE4 apps had
34 to offer. Traded off some of the features dear to my heart: multi-key
35 combinations popping prompt menu, titlebar set correctly in Konsole
36 without affecting tab name, and some others. Filed with
37 let's see what happens next. According to some KDE4 jsut highlighted
38 problems in underlying Xorg, so hopefully now with all of that out in
39 the open things will get fixed.


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