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From: Willie Wong <wwong@×××××××××.EDU>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Xorg CPU spike with Firefox
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 18:39:24
1 Short time line of what happened:
3 On January 28, I was doing some playing around with eye-candy on my X
4 desktop, and started running animations (from Xscreensaver) as by
5 desktop background. At the same time I was browsing the internet using
6 firefox- The operation of the desktop was smooth and CPU usage
7 hardly ever went above 30% (sporadic spikes when I load new pages). I
8 was monitoring the CPU use because I want to make sure that the
9 eye-candy won't affect day-to-day operation of the desktop.
11 On January 29, I upgrade firefox from to (My box
12 is on ~x86)
14 I don't remember whether the web browsing experience is any different.
15 Since I wasn't paying attention.
17 On Febuary 2nd, I upgrade xorg from 7.1 to 7.2, which also pulled in
18 an upgrade for xorg-server, libXdamage, and other things.
20 Starting yesterday (the 3rd of Feb), I noticed lock-ups when ever
21 firefox is open. At first I thought it was the fault of the animated
22 background, but then I found out that it still happened if I started a
23 no-frills, barebone fvwm session. I tried almost all of my other X
24 applications, and none of them had these behaviour (mplayer, inkscape,
25 gimp, abiword included).
27 When I start firefox, the cpu use for X shots up to 90+ percent (for
28 X, not for firefox) for several minutes, and everytime I open a new
29 tab X cpu use goes up to 90+ percent for several minutes, during which
30 firefox is completely unresponsive, and xterms that I opened have a
31 lag of round 0.5 - 2 seconds between keypress and character appearing
32 on screen.
34 Basically, firefox would, every now and then, cause my entire desktop
35 to seize up for minutes at a time.
37 I took a look at b.g.o., and the closest thing I found was a case
38 where the solution was to change to a sane set of CFLAGs an to unmerge
39 the known-to-be-unstable gplflash?? (can't remember the name, an OSS
40 attempt at reproducing flash, was removed from portage recently,
41 possibly because the adobe takeover of flashplayer).
43 I don't even know if this is actually a bug or some stupid
44 misconfiguration on my part. Any ideas of what I can check before I
45 possibly make an ass of myself on b.g.o. by having a problem that I
46 don't really know how to describe well.
48 Thanks,
50 W
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