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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Re: eix
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 16:09:16
1 On 06/29/2015 03:50 AM, Martin Vaeth wrote:
3 >> use to match the <arg> string against all three:
4 >> (1) gentoo tree /usr/portage
5 >> (2) the /var/lib/layman/ overlays I had installed and manage with layman
6 >> (3) my /usr/local/portage local ebuild placed in /usr/local/portage/
8 >> Now, only option (1) shows the embuilds
9 >
10 > Very likely you have chosen inappropriate cache methods
11 > for the ebuilds with eix, or the corresponding data is not readable
12 > by user/group portage/portage (250:250):
14 Yes I did have permission problems. None of the docs discuss
15 permissions, as I remember.
17 > The recommended way of using the metadata cache method works only
18 > if your overlay provides that metadata or if you call egencache to
19 > generate it. However, there are also other possibilities as sketched
20 > in the section SPEEDUP in the eix manpage.
22 > If you need further help post the output of eix-update.
24 eix-update is very fast now and clean! (all 100%)
26 > In any case: Check whether user/group portage/portage has the
27 > permissions to read overlays and metadata.
29 I rebuilt layman, again and when through all the configs, check
30 permissions and such and now eix works as it did. That is showing the
31 gentoo tree string_matches as well as overlays and my
32 /usr/local/portage. The second (2) are designated via footnotes and the
33 repository locattions on my system. I not sure how eix does that, but,
34 it is very, very cool and helps an old guy keeps his codes a bit more
35 organized and quick to access.....
38 Thanks for all the input (volker, neil, etc). Oh, I'm posting via my
39 backup (nntp) as gmane has been running very slow. Gmane is about to
40 crash and it usually takes Lars a few day to rebuild it so apologies in
41 adavance if this post does not follow the thread_line properly.
44 thx!
45 James