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From: "Steve [Gentoo]" <gentoo_steve@×××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Document management solution [possibly a bit off-topic...]
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 14:50:26
1 I think I want a "document management solution" - though I'm not sure
2 that everyone understands the same idea by the term.
4 I've got a filing cabinet full of paperwork which is an absolute
5 nightmare to cope with. One of the key problems is that the documents
6 want to be indexed in different ways. All the documents are dated, but
7 they can be further sub-divided by subjects - lots of documents
8 appertain to several subjects. I frequently require to find either a
9 specific document, a sequence of related documents or similar. I rarely
10 need the original document - but often want a copy or just to check
11 some detail or other. Some documents are multi-page, some single
12 page... all can be easily scanned.
14 I'm interested to establish software which minimises the burden of
15 managing these documents - probably as scanned images. I'm familiar
16 with the Dj-Vu Libre library and think that format is fantastic - though
17 a less ambitious format would likely suffice (even at 200dpi grey scale
18 jpegs I get ~10,000 pages without needing more than one DVD to back
19 up...) A significant burden is in scanning and storing all these
20 documents - and this makes a good UI essential - preferably allowing a
21 single click to scan a document (incidentally can anyone recommend a
22 good, cheap, sheet-fed scanner?) before page-preview (cropping/rotating)
23 and assignment of "subject" classification and date-stamping. It would
24 be useful if there was an OCR pass in order to extract plain-text and to
25 index that - though this feature is not essential. There would need to
26 be a friendly UI in order to establish all the documents matching a
27 given subject classification (or group of classifications) - to preview
28 on-screen and offer an option to print... preferably in-order... maybe
29 with a watermark dating the copy?
31 Is anyone aware of any existing packages - preferably for Gentoo, but
32 any open-source solution would suffice.
34 Thanks in advance for any suggestions :-)
36 Steve
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