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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Video database software
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 22:55:01
1 Howdy,
3 As some know, I've accumulated a lot of videos.  I googled around and
4 found some software but not sure based on what they claim if they will
5 do something I'm looking for.  I installed a couple but not real big on
6 how they work.  One requires me to add videos, one at a time.  I have
7 over 20,000 videos now.  Some are short youtube type videos, some are
8 long videos.  It could take me years to add them all doing it one at a
9 time.  Needless to say, that one didn't last long.  The biggest thing
10 I'm looking for, software that can tell me what videos have a low
11 resolution.  As a example, some videos I downloaded a long time ago have
12 been updated to have higher resolutions.  I may have one that is a 360P,
13 or even less, but I may can locate a new version that is HD or even very
14 HD.  I'd like software that will tell me this sort of info as well as
15 other nifty features as well.  Obviously, I'd like to start with the
16 lower resolution videos first.
18 So far, I have installed Griffith and GCStar.  I been googling for
19 others but some either are not in the tree or I already know they won't
20 do one thing I'd like to see.  I'd also like to be able to point it to a
21 directory and let it build the database on its own.  Adding them one at
22 a time manually just isn't feasible at all. 
24 Does anyone know of a software package that will sort a lot of videos by
25 resolution as well as track other things as well?  It could be that what
26 I'd like to have doesn't exist at all.  Then again, maybe I just haven't
27 found it yet.  ;-)
29 Thanks.
31 Dale
33 :-)  :-) 


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