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From: "Mateusz Mierzwiński" <mateuszmierzwinski@×××××.com>
To: "gentoo-user@l.g.o" <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] KDE? Get me out of here!
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 23:16:44
1 I have KDE4. It work's perfect. Try set "Custom-cxxflags" to off,
2 maybe this will help. From my opinion KDE and QT 4 don't like
3 customized C/CXX Flags, such as fomit-frame-pointer and similar. Try
4 to set correct USE flags and first of all - add DBUS to default
5 runlevel if Your "Welcome" screen don't work - it works for me. You
6 should also have Hald for configuration. 
8 BTW. I don't use any desktop mail client - I've chosen GroupOffice
9 for web client with IMAP support and great tool for my work - safer
10 because of laptop disk crashes or similar - data is stored external
11 and it's delivered by OpenVPN with certificate nad data encryption. 
13 Chromium as major web browser, Subversion integrated with KDE, Wicd
14 as network configuration daemon. Also Kadu as IM, wine + winamp,
15 OpenOffice. Not installed Compiz for now, but I have it on my plans. 
17 Login screen works great, loading is realy fast. Only one problem
18 with Bluetooth but i think it's device fault - device USB connector
19 broken. Everyday working with dual-head 2 monitors - KDE 4 detects
20 when I connect another monitor, soundcard and Xine integration into
21 phonon works with no glitches. Other tools like SSH/SFTP integrated
22 into konqueror works great - konqueror itself also perfect!
24 It's good, it's fast, it's intuitive, it's "better desktop software",
25 it's XXI century desktop environment, not such as Gnome and funny
26 "icons trashroom" on desktop.
28 Why KDE? Because i like it. Don't say that this software SUCKS,
29 _check_Your_config_. If You have problem try to remove .kde or .kde4
30 folder in Your home directory and recreate profile.
32 At Wtorek, 29-06-2010 on 0:50 Alex Schuster wrote:
34 Kevin O'Gorman writes:
36 > As the OP, I'd like to know if anybody else has noticed how far OT
37 this
38 > thread has gone?
39 > Somebody please give it a meaningful title, and maybe the right
40 people
41 > will notice your thread....
43 But I think the title is just perfect! Well, not really, because,
44 despite
45 my constant ranting and endless KDE4 problems, for which the only
46 sane and
47 obvious solution would of course be to dump this whole crap, I would
48 really really hate to do so.
50 KDE got me addicted. I refused to use it for a long time, and had
51 some
52 crazy enlightenment setup which I was happy with, until it stopped
53 working, and I gave KDE 3.something a try. I feared that the
54 complexity
55 would make showstopping bugs happen more often, but on the other hand
56 it
57 is of course nice to have an integrated system, with things like the
58 same
59 file dialog for most applications. And so I got hooked. There were
60 some
61 problems, but most of the time it worked well. But with time I
62 experienced
63 some bitrot.
65 Then I got a new PC, and gave KDE4.2 a try. Many many bugs, but most
66 of
67 them not really bad ones, but some nice new features instead. Like,
68 konqueror still crashing often, but with recovery function. Kmail
69 crashed
70 even less - well, this was not hard. And I thought these little
71 annoying
72 bugs would be fixed soon.
74 But this bugfixing progress was slower than expected. Some things
75 never
76 really worked. And big showstoppers happened, just as I feared before
77 I
78 began this whole KDE adventure. For example, when KDE4's password
79 dialog
80 stopped working. Suddenly I had no access to the KDE wallet [*],
81 could not
82 read or write e-mail, or access my shares. I realized how dependent I
83 had
84 become of all this. Well, not totally, there are lots of other e-mail
86 clients, and I can do most things in a plain text shell, but this
87 meant
88 some work, mostly because I had a hard time getting my passwords
89 back.
91 On the other hand, I like my KDE setup. 8 desktops, each customized
92 to the
93 activity I am doing there. Convenient shortcuts to the things I do,
94 to the
95 locations I access. Geeky stuff. Nice software, like kontact. I
96 really
97 really like this - if it works. When not, I think about dumping all.
99 Why am I writing all this? I don't know. Kevin, despite me
100 considering
101 your thread as mine now, I will open a new one about specific
102 problems.
104 [*] And a similar thing just happned yesterday. I wanted to go to
105 bed, but
106 I had to write an important e-mail first. I started it, and after
107 some
108 lines whole kontact froze. I killed it, started again, and the same
109 happened. I killed it, wrote an e-mail to myself, which worked. I
110 started
111 the mail I had to write again, kontact froze after a little while. I
112 killed it, wrote the mail in knotes first, pasted it into the
113 composing
114 window, added a CC, pushed the send button... kontact froze. Tried
115 again,
116 same result. Then I used thunderbird.
117 I looked what I had emerged this day, but nothing had to do much with
119 kontact. I logged out and in again - and got dozends of notification
120 windows telling me that kwalletmanager just crashed. I'm still not
121 sure
122 what had happened with kontact, I guess it wanted to access the
123 wallet
124 when sending the mail, maybe also when making an automatic backup.
125 Whatever. I restored a backup of my .kde4 directory that I had made
126 one
127 day ago, still no wallet. But with the next backup, 5 days old, I
128 could
129 log in. I finally found out I had to exchange the
130 .kde4/share/apps/kwallet/kdewallet.kwl file, and all was back to
131 normal.
132 And I could finally go to bed.
134 Wonko


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