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Subject: [gentoo-user] Unwelcomed non-native language support
Date: Thu, 28 May 2015 15:35:13
1 In my everyday work at the computer, I read
2 and type at three or even four different languages.
4 However, I do want to have all program menues
5 and system messages only in English.
7 So, when I found out that it can be achieved by
8 setting -nls USE flag at my make.conf file, I did
9 it, recompiled the system and for a few weeks
10 enjoyed the full control of my Gentoo system.
12 (As far as I can remember the gettext package
13 was successfully depcleaned from my Gentoo
14 system just after that.)
16 However, after those few weeks (and some system
17 updates), I have noticed that my system started
18 to translate some "system" messages into one of
19 the languages I use but which is not my native language.
21 Moreover, running
22 $ equery depends gettext
23 I get about two fullscreens of packages that supposedly
24 depend on gettext. Nevertheless, in all of them the -nls
25 USE flag is either unset or absent.
27 I have tried to depclean the gettext package from my
28 system once again but portage just ignored my
29 $ emerge --depclean gettext
30 command.
32 I think that it is some kind of a bug in the portage tree:
33 when I set -nls USE flag globally, I do expect that the "system"
34 messages will appear in English only and will not be translated
35 in any other language, but the system understands that as
36 I would have asked for a "non-native" language support.
38 Of course, this is not my main problem in this life, but every
39 time I get the "system" messages translated into my non-native
40 language, I feel as I get a reminder that I do not have a full
41 control of my Gentoo system.
43 So, my questions are:
44 1. Is it a bug?
45 2. How can I get rid of those unwelcomed translations in the right way.


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