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Subject: [gentoo-user] OT: I want to get excited, but I just *know* they're going to mess it up...
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 14:03:31
1 UK cloud computing strategy could save up to £3.2bn a year, says
2 Cabinet Office.
4 The government has unveiled a sweeping strategy to create
5 its own internal "cloud computing" system – such as that
6 used by Google, Microsoft and Amazon – as part of a radical
7 plan that it claims could save up to £3.2bn a year from an
8 annual bill of at least £16bn.
10 The key part of the new strategy, outlined by the Cabinet
11 Office minister Angela Smith, will be the concentration of
12 government computing power into a series of about a dozen
13 highly secure data centres, each costing up to £250m to
14 build, which will replace more than 500 presently used by
15 central government, police forces and local authorities.
17 The government will also push for "open source" software to
18 be used more widely among central and local government's 4m
19 desktop computers. That poses an immediate threat to
20 Microsoft, whose Windows operating system and Office
21 applications suite is at present firmly embedded as the
22 standard on PCs in government, such as the NHS, which is one
23 of the largest users in Europe.
25 But John Suffolk, the government's chief information
26 officer, pointed out that cost savings of just £100 per
27 machine would total £400m across government. Unlike Windows,
28 open source operating systems such as Linux have no
29 licensing costs and can be used on as many machines as
30 required.
32 By 2015, the strategy suggests, 80% of central government
33 desktops could be supplied through a "shared utility
34 service" – essentially a cloud service resembling Google
35 Docs, which lets people create documents online for free.