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From: "Igor Mróz" <mrozigor@××.pl>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Screen/driver/xserver freezing after suspension
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2021 09:41:16
Message-Id: 20210105104102.372c5036@42
1 Hello,
3 hopefully I don't double existing topic :)
5 Recently I've installed gentoo on my new laptop ( - with Iris graphics, not Nvidia). I've installed desktop env (xmonad + greetd), mesa (with i965 and iris USE) and xorg packages. At this point there were no display issues, but I had no audio, webcam and touchpad support. With trials and errors method I've managed to get everything working. Unfortunately somewhere during this process (kernel updates, system updates) screen started to freeze after monitor suspension. It looks like system is still working (I can ssh to it, music is playing). When I move mouse, then it looks like desktop is drawn once and then it freezes. I tried to play with kernel options, i915 driver options etc, but it doesn't help. After this freezes I tried to look into dmesg/logs via SSH, but there were no clues. Problem exists with external monitor connected, as well as with disconnected.
7 I don't use xf86-video-intel. I include intel firmware (FIRMWARE_FILES="i915/icl_dmc_ver1_09.bin i915/icl_guc_49.0.1.bin i915/icl_huc_9.0.0.bin" in genkernel.conf) in initramfs.
9 Do you know what might be a case? I'm out of ideas :(
11 Thanks
12 Igor Mróz


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