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From: deadeyes <gvm999@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] smartcard issues
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 19:35:47
1 Hi all,
3 For logging in to servers we now use smartcards.
4 For windows this works fine, however for Linux and Mac OS X it doesn't.
6 The smartcards are from Raaktechnologies.
7 THis is the output of openct-tool atr:
8 Detected CCID Compatible
9 Card present, status changed
10 ATR: 3b f8 13 00 00 81 31 fe
12 So it seems that the card is detected.
14 HOwever when doing:
15 pkcs15-tool -D
16 [pkcs15-tool] reader-pcsc.c:896:pcsc_detect_readers:
17 SCardListReaders failed: 0x8010002e
18 [pkcs15-tool] reader-pcsc.c:1015:pcsc_detect_readers:
19 returning with: No readers found
20 Using reader with a card: CCID Compatible
21 [pkcs15-tool] reader-openct.c:324:openct_reader_transmit: unable to transmit
22 [pkcs15-tool] apdu.c:394:do_single_transmit: unable to transmit APDU
23 [pkcs15-tool] reader-openct.c:324:openct_reader_transmit: unable to transmit
24 [pkcs15-tool] apdu.c:394:do_single_transmit: unable to transmit APDU
25 [pkcs15-tool] card-default.c:66:autodetect_class:
26 APDU transmit failed: Generic reader error
27 [pkcs15-tool] card-default.c:113:default_init:
28 unable to determine the right class byte
29 [pkcs15-tool] card.c:202:sc_connect_card: driver 'Default driver
30 for unknown cards' init() failed: Card is invalid or cannot be handled
31 [pkcs15-tool] card.c:213:sc_connect_card:
32 unable to find driver for inserted card
33 [pkcs15-tool] card.c:228:sc_connect_card: returning with:
34 Card is invalid or cannot be
35 Failed to connect to card: Card is invalid or cannot be handled
37 I think that this tool has no driver for reading this card.
39 They supplied me with a library:
40 I tried adding it to opensc.conf and
41 got a message that it was not a valid driver.
43 Using pkcs11-tool:
45 pkcs11-tool -I \
46 --module /home/gvm/smartcard/raaksign-linux-471-x64/
48 Cryptoki version 2.11
49 Manufacturer charismathics gmbh
50 Library cm PKCS#11 module (ver 4.8)
51 No slots.
53 So it seems that this is a pkcs11 library.
54 However I always get no slots and it
55 isn't usable on any rdesktop connection.
57 I have following packages and there use flags:
58 net-misc/rdesktop-1.6.0-r4 alsa ipv6 pcsc-lite rdpusb
59 dev-libs/openct-0.6.20-r1 Upcsc-lite usb
60 dev-libs/opensc-0.11.13-r2 openct pcsc-lite readline ssl zlib
61 sys-apps/pcsc-lite-1.7.2-r1 USE="(-usb)"
63 ldd of the library shows that all dependencies are met.
65 I have to say I have no experience using smartcards and
66 I am not sure how the different tools interact:
67 opensc-tool openct-tool pcscd pkcs11-tool pkcs15-tool,...
69 In the end what should be possible is login to an rdesktop connection.
70 On my previous portable I came somewhere
71 I actually could type in my pin code
72 (on the remote desktop) however after that it failed.
73 Now I can't even got it to work to that stage.
75 The SmartCard reader I have is one that is internally connected through usb:
76 Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0a5c:5801 Broadcom Corp. BCM5880
77 Secure Applications Processor with fingerprint swipe sensor
79 All help/troubleshooting tips/... are welcome!
80 Thanks in advance!


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