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From: Daevid Vincent <daevid@××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Dependency info is missing! Run /sbin/
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 19:31:25

Why is there always something breaking?

I did some updates to 'world' and 'system' last night as I've done a hundred
times before. Everything seemed to be going fine. I don't believe I updated
anything sensitive. I don't believe I rm'd anything important.

I was happily/frustratingly trying to figure out why X7 doesn't work with my
'nvidia' driver. And was mildly relieved to get the 'nv' driver working so
at least I had a GUI.

I was all 'etc-update' caught up and current.

I decided to reboot to make sure everything was going to be good and no
surprises... Of course that was wishful thinking when it comes to Linux...

At some point in the bootup process towards the end, just after "Cleaning
/tmp directory" I start getting a few of these:

* Dependancy info is missing! Please run
*   #/sbin/
* to fix this.

Well, of course I do run that script and it does absolutely nothing. No
output. No anything.

I can't get networking to work.
"/etc/init.d/net.eth0 start" gives the same error, as does any other script
in that directory.

"ifconfig" just returns nothing.

Google for '"dependency info is missing" /sbin/' turns up nothing
And has 4 bugs for "/sbin/" but none seem right.

I tried "emerge --metadata" (I'm just wildly guessing at this point), to no

This forum suggested:
"touch /var/lib/init.d/softlevel" which I did. Again, pure failure.

Anyone else encounter this marvelous thorn in their side too or better yet,
have a solution?

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