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From: Harry Putnam <reader@×××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] [OT] I could use some OT coaching... retrieve laptop os remotely
Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 03:04:22
1 Can anyone offer a suggestion as to how I can backup a disk on a
2 remote laptop running windows vista.
4 I've utterly destroyed the laptops screen, even plugging it into an
5 external monitor... fails. vnc access fails as well.
7 However due to having installed an sshd daemon with cygwin, I can ssh
8 to the host.
10 I thought maybe I'd be able to run a version of Norton ghost that is
11 installed on the laptop... by ssh in, and from a cygwin shell, but
12 that doesn't appear to work. I'm not sure if ghost 14 can even be run
13 from a command line.
15 I guess I'd like to clone the disk so I'd have access to all of it,
16 and could even put the clone on another host and boot it.
19 If I were to dd it to another disk, that is bigger
20 than the remote laptops disk... Would that create a a bootable disk?
22 Any suggestions that employ linux/unix tools? Can `dd' do something
23 like this? Or I guess really it would be cygwin `dd' doing it.
25 Are there any tools that can create a disk image of a remote disk?
27 I've found that neither norton ghost 14 or 15 will do it if the disk
28 is on a remote host. In fact neither of them will even backup files
29 if they are remote... I mean if the source files are remote. They can
30 backup onboard files to remote targets... but not the other way
31 round.
33 Of course I can rsync the files and save the data that way, but I'd
34 like to save the disk as a bootable os if possible.


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