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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] rsync not deleting removed directory and drive PW DIS 3.3v question
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2022 08:36:03
1 Howdy,
3 I was doing a backup update and noticed a directory I didn't like the
4 name of, forgot to change it before starting the back up.  So, I stopped
5 the backup and changed the name, which is similar to removing it from
6 the perspective of the backup.  I then started the backup command again
7 and noticed it did not delete the old directory name which is no longer
8 on the source.  It did however copy the new directory.  I had to delete
9 the old directory manually.  To test this, I copied a directory with a
10 new name, added "-1" to the end.  I updated the backup which added the
11 directory with -1 as expected.  When it was done, I deleted the
12 directory with the -1 from the source and ran the command again.  It did
13 not delete the directory I removed as expected on the backup/target. 
15 I do this quite often with files and it seems to work as I expect.  If I
16 change the name of a file, it removes the file with old name, copies
17 over the file with the new name and moves on.  I've done that more times
18 than I care to count.  Why is a directory different?  Do I need to add a
19 option?  This is a example command but most all of them are the same
20 just the source/target directories change. 
23 time rsync -auv --progress --delete /home/dale/Desktop/Crypt/Video/*
24 /mnt/10tb/Video/
27 I've tried removing the -u, adding --force but no change.  Basically, if
28 I remove a directory on the source, how do I get it to remove the same
29 on the backup/target?  I went through the options on the man page and
30 nothing hit me as a fix.  What am I missing? 
32 Also, I'm about to order a new hard drive.  I checked and my power
33 supply cables do have the 3.3v wire for SATA power connectors.  I plan
34 to buy a hard drive, either a 12TB or 14TB.  Is there a easy way to know
35 if it has that pin that disables the drive before I buy?  Most have
36 pictures of the drives.  I guess I could ask them but that would delay
37 my ordering.  I tried google.  I don't see a list of drive that have or
38 don't have this.  After some other searching.  I did find some manuals
39 for drives I'm looking at buying.  If it lists pin 1 through 3 as 3.3v,
40 is it the old way, works when plugged in?  If it says PW DIS or reserved
41 for pin 3, then it is new and will stay off when plugged in?  Am I
42 getting this right?  Close even?  lol 
44 Thanks.
46 Dale
48 :-)  :-)