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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] OT: new thinkpad with Gentoo
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 16:10:18
1 On 11/20/14 15:20, Daniel Frey wrote:
2 > On 11/20/2014 11:16 AM, thegeezer wrote:
3 >> yeah at first it's odd, but then when you start getting used to
4 >> navigating without removing hands from keyboard it does become almost a
5 >> prerequisite.
6 >> does anyone know if you can get usb keyboards that have the trackpoint
7 >> style mini-joystick in the middle of them ?
9 The trackball is still one of my favorite features on laptops of all
10 time. It's a shame they do not license that trackball to other manufactures.
14 >> the other big thing with the thinkpads used to be the keyboards. the
15 >> x201 had a great almost totally full size keyboard, but they are
16 >> increasingly becoming a thing of a bygone era with apple style
17 >> calculator buttons that have nothing like the tactile response they used
18 >> to have. as lenovo are moving away from these big-key style keyboards,
19 >> does anyone have any recommendations of a laptop supplier that is
20 >> starting to use them ?
21 >>
22 >
23 > I've been looking around too and it seems like everyone's doing the
24 > chicklet keyboards. I haven't looked that hard, but almost every laptop
25 > I've found seems to have the goofy keyboards.
27 I not sure how to "categorize" keyboards, but I purchased an Asus
28 ZenBook a year ago, and it has the nicest feel I have ever experienced
29 of any keyboard. Very thing and reliable. And Asus has a direct warranty
30 support for one year, without any additional costs. It is
31 simple a very wonderful lappy. ymmv.
34 Also, take a look at aarch64 (arm) based tablets with keyboards as
35 removable half of the device. Very cool, but make sure you get the
36 ports you want/need. This segment of the market has new entries everyday
37 so you'll have to google for a good and reliable model.
38 Sven & company should be adding that new 64 bit arm (amd and others)
39 architecture support to the gentoo (handbook) docs soon. LXQT has
40 requested arm flags in BGO, so all that new arm_stuffage should be
41 permeating the gentoo very soon.
43 Lastly, "gentroid" is a new player in this space, depending on how
44 divergent you are willing to go. [1]
47 hth,
48 James
50 [1]
52 [2]