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From: James <wireless@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] post build files
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 15:21:45
1 Hello,
3 I'm rather new to hacking ebuilds. I have read most every doc
4 I can find on the subject. One thing I'm looking for is a post-build
5 document that shows me the path/name of everything built.
7 So for mesos-0.20.0 it seems to be:
9 /var/db/pkg/sys-cluster/mesos-0.20.0/CONTENTS
11 For some other packages, they seems to be quit a lot under
12 /var/tmp/portage/
14 Some of the information I'm looking for is in
15 /var/log/elog/
17 Other places to look? Mesos generates a lot of *.html file that
18 I'm speculating are general purpose setup interfaces for configuring
19 and controlling the various code components. It this typical of
20 Apache codes?
22 I feel like I'm missing the 'big picture' on where one
23 looks to find all these files that some packages generate.
24 On new software, I guess I have to look at them all to
25 figure out a runtime environment setup? I feel linke I'm on
26 Safari (an actual dangerous animal hunting trip) but there
27 has been no briefing. I feel hung_over, naked and without
28 compass. I feel like I need a bottle of whisky to just
29 start "winging it"......
31 Understand what I'm doing: I have stable tree ebuilds,
32 Overlays of various quality and then there are my
33 ebuilds (ugly hacks) in /usr/local/portage that I'm trying
34 to get my arms around with a weak comprehension of what to
35 expect.
37 I also have read about Blueness efforts:
38 "RFC: GLEP 64: Standardize contents of VDB" on the dev list
39 and that just leaves me scratching (more than my head).
41 Some discussion, suggested reading, and guidance would be welcome
42 as the structure(s) seem a wee bit "loose" if not inconsistent, to me......
44 How much does EAPI-<number> affect what a package build does? Where do I
45 have I go before compiling code (typically) in the unpacked sourcecode
46 to see/determine what is going to get build and where it will install,
47 as this is not strictly controlled by the ebuilds...... How much is
48 controlled by the package codes and how much by setting in the Gentoo
49 build settings?
52 Most of the docs I've read, would make sense, if I knew what I was
53 specifically suppose to do. Learning the semantics of all of this
54 "echo_system" does not seem straightforward. The individual codes
55 are not the problem, as I can read and discern most codes. It's the
56 WISDOM of what goes WHERE and WHY that seems; fleeting to me.
59 lost & curious,
60 James


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