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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] KDE plasma upgrade heads up for possible problem
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2019 00:47:59
1 Howdy,
3 I just did a KDE plasma upgrade to 5.15.  I ran into a slight problem
4 that may or may not affect others so I wanted to give a heads up just in
5 case.  Everything builds fine.  I had no compile or install failures. 
6 What I did run into tho was a missing or more likely crashed
7 kicker/panel/thingy that is at the bottom of my screen.  It's the thing
8 that has the clock, desktop switcher, clip board and the K menu as
9 well.  I never can remember what they call that this week.  Anyway, when
10 I logged in, it came up for just a second or two and then disappeared. 
11 Obviously, you can't switch desktops in the normal way but if you use
12 the ctrl and functions keys, it doesn't act or look like it normally
13 should since there doesn't appear to be any background at all.  Example,
14 I have Kpatience on desktop 6.  If I switch to it with the ctrl function
15 keys, I can play the game normally.  However, if I switch to what at
16 startup is a empty desktop, #5 for example, the game still shows but
17 doesn't work.  If I switch back to desktop 6, it works as it should
18 again.  Whatever it is, it doesn't redraw the screen when you switch if
19 you don't have something already running there.  Other programs behaved
20 in a similar way.  It makes it look like all desktops are on one desktop
21 yet switching still works.  It's plenty weird.  Also, there is no K menu
22 so you can't start any programs that doesn't open from a saved session
23 on login.  Trust me, if you run into this, you won't miss it.  Even if
24 you don't notice the panel thingy at the bottom missing, you will notice
25 the rest.  It gets in your face and yells loudly that something ain't
26 right.  lol
28 What little bit of error I found mentioned something about a missing
29 input.  To be honest tho, I'm not sure it was related to what I saw
30 happening.  None of the errors looked like a complete failure but more
31 as a informational type message.  Sort of like video drivers that have
32 the "--" or "II".  They show something didn't work as expected but it
33 found a way around it or works without it. 
35 I don't have enough info to file a bug.  The way I fixed it, I did a
36 emerge -e world.  It might be that a emerge -ek would fix it but to be
37 sure, I let it recompile everything.  It didn't quite finish when I
38 tried to login and it worked normally.  If I had a clue what package it
39 was that was causing this, I'd certainly file a bug but it could be any
40 number of packages.  I suspect it is a dependency myself.  Something
41 needed to be rebuilt but wasn't for some reason.
43 I hope no one runs into this but if you do, make sure you at least have
44 a back up GUI installed, even if it doesn't give you anything but the
45 basics, at least you have a GUI.  You may also want to make sure you
46 have time to deal with this just in case you do run into this problem. 
47 Having something so you can go back to 5.14 easily may work as well. 
49 Best of luck to all.  I hope no one else hits this.  It was plenty weird. 
51 Dale
53 :-)  :-)


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