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From: Steve <gentoo_sjh@×××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Web application for contact management...
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 20:30:25
1 I am looking for a web-application to manage contacts... but I'm not
2 looking for "just an address book"... I guess this isn't especially
3 gentoo, but I'd ideally like to run a server on my gentoo box, so I hope
4 I can be forgiven for asking here.
6 Personally, I'm absolutely awful at remembering people's names or
7 dates... I'm not so bad at remembering their jobs; where I met them;
8 their opinions about cuisine or cars etc. etc. The snag I find is that
9 I tend to forget the details that would be most useful to remember -
10 while I remember all the trivia. I forget when I last spoke to
11 occasional acquaintances - and about details that don't mean much to me
12 at the time... for example, about spouses or partners if I meet in a
13 work environment.
15 What I'm looking for is some software to help me to collate details
16 about my occasional contacts... the idea being that if I expect to meet
17 someone I've not met for a while, I've an aide memoir about whom
18 introduced me - and the last time we spoke.
20 Does anyone know of any application to do this? An open-source
21 web-application would be perfect as it would allow me to run a private
22 server - hence eliminating potential security and privacy concerns -
23 while making the information available independent of the kit I have on
24 my desk. Key features would include some sort of standard form to help
25 jog my memory to enter details I might forget - while being flexible
26 enough not to try and pigeon-hole the people I meet.
28 Any suggestions? Any good experiences? I guess I could even pay for an
29 application like this - if it was good... though not a lot, of course,
30 since this would be a personal purchase.
32 Ideas?


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