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From: Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Recommend a good replacement for XFCE?
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 23:46:02
Message-Id: ns4eqm$iov$
1 I've been running XFCE for many, many years, and I was perfectly happy
2 with it until 4.11 came out. Support for multiple displays[1] was
3 broken in xfdesktop by a commit made in 2013. It's been broken ever
4 since, and there doesn't appear to be any intention of fixing it.
6 About a year ago, when 4.12 went stable, I had to block it to avoid
7 this bug. I've been running 4.10 ever since, but the ebuild for 4.10
8 just got pruned, so it's probably time to start thinking about
9 switching to a different desktop.
11 Would anybody care to make a recommendation?
13 The requirements are:
15 * simple and lightweight
17 * support for multiple displays[1]
19 * support for multiple virtual desktops on each display (I
20 currently run 4 virtual desktops on each of 3 displays)
22 * must have focus-follows mouse and must be able disable
23 "raise-on-click"
25 * some sort of easily modifiable root-window menu that I can use to
26 start apps
28 * some sort of task-bar (auto-hide required)
30 * some sort toolbar OK (as long as it's auto-hide)
32 * GTK-based strongly preferred -- I typically don't have Qt or any
33 KDE stuff installed, and have some custom-written GTK apps on
34 which I'm rather dependent.
36 * I don't want a file manager, terminal emulator, or any other
37 bundled apps, so it would be nice if they were all optional,
38 separate ebuilds
40 I don't want any storage auto-mounter, network manager, modem manager,
41 or any of that sort of thing. Anything with "manager" in the name is
42 probably right out.
44 All I want is something to run urxvt terminals and xemacs windows --
45 with maybe an instance of firefox, chrome, or wireshark. I also
46 occasionally run libreoffice or xfreerdp, but only under duress.
48 I don't want any icons or folders or shortcuts or whatnot on the
49 desktop.
51 I don't even need the ability to use an image as my desktop
52 "wallpaper": all I want is a user-configurable sold color.
54 When I'm moving/resizing a window, all I want to see is a wireframe --
55 I don't need a window's contents being re-rendered constantly as I
56 move or resize it.
58 No fancy animation or translucency silliness.
60 [1] I'm referring to separate X11 displays/desktops, not a single
61 logical display spread across multiple physical monitors.
63 --
64 Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards Yow! FROZEN ENTREES may
65 at be flung by members of
66 opposing SWANSON SECTS ...


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