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From: Iain Buchanan <iaindb@××××××××××××.au>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] recovering RAID from an old server
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 12:16:32
Message-Id: 1266581748.3445.78.camel@localhost
1 Hi all,
3 I'm trying to recover some data from and old Snap Server 4200 (c2003)
4 belonging to a local charity. It has 4 80Gb IDE drives, and runs some
5 sort of Linux kernel with their (snap's) own applications on top.
7 It won't boot to the Snap OS (Guardian OS 3.1.079 - quite an old one,
8 major version 4 and 5 have succeeded it) but it does boot to a
9 "recovery" console with a simple web page showing some details. From my
10 google searches the OS resides on the disks (perhaps just the first
11 one?) but I don't know where this recovery console is coming from.
13 I've managed to put Gentoo 2008.0_beta2 minimal (because I happened to
14 have the iso) on a USB key and made it bootable. It boots and fdisk -l
15 shows me the four drives and some partitions. (Ubuntu wouldn't even
16 boot ;)
18 I don't have the original CD's with the OS recovery on it, nor can I
19 download it (upgraded versions are $600+). I can't even find any *ahem*
20 backup versions online in the usual channels.
22 OK so the question: How can I recover the RAID data? It's RAID5
23 (probably) with 4 disks. Can I just run some up-to-date raid tools and
24 mount the drives or do I have to get exactly the same kernal and setup?
25 I don't have much experience with RAID. (It's software raid - no card
26 just 2 IDE channels with master and slave).
28 Once I've recovered the data I don't really care what goes on it - there
29 are some great free NAS OS's, but it's mounting the RAID partition that
30 I'm not sure about.
32 Can I randomly mount partitions read-only or will this screw things up
33 further?
35 thanks for any suggestions,
36 --
37 Iain Buchanan <iaindb at netspace dot net dot au>
39 "Don't fear the pen. When in doubt, draw a pretty picture."
40 --Baker's Third Law of Design.


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