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From: Zhang Weiwu <zhangweiwu@××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] VOIP solution?
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 02:45:34
1 Dear List
3 We are a tiny business running in China. In China ISP competition is not
4 very healthy, 2 major ISPs: China Telcom, China Netcom both defend their
5 own business by limiting network access to other ISP.
7 We have an office in Beijing, in Beijing there is only one ISP company
8 (monoplay business) that is China Netcom so they "choose" to use it.
9 We have an office in Xiamen, in Xiamen there is only one ISP company
10 (monoplay business) that is China Telcom, so we "choose" to use it.
11 We also have a server hosted by a hosting company, that company is very
12 smart, using some very special technology to connect both ISP.
14 Transfer data from our Xiamen Office to Beijing => 3 ~ 10 KB/s, no
15 connection can maintain 10 minutes. Transfer data from Beijing to Xiamen
16 is the same slow.
18 In Xiamen, transfer data from / to our server is 100KB/s; in Beijing
19 exactly the same.
21 We used to use skype, but quality isn't very high nor very realiable
22 because only a few super-nodes have fast access to both ISP. Besides we
23 got a few other problems too related to skype / gizmo.
25 I am thinking perhaps it's not difficult to set up some software on the
26 server that do the "routing", e.g. it serve as a call center that both
27 office login to a VOIP software and it connects to the server, the
28 server talk to both sides. This is the fastest solution and it should
29 work. That's only my imagination, I am still searching for such
30 software.
32 Both offices use OpenSuSE as desktop computer and the server runs Gentoo
33 Linux. Both offices are behind each one's NAT firewall.
35 Any suggestions on a VOIP solution for our office?
37 P.S.
39 Certainly THIS would work: set up VPN on the server and both office dial
40 into the VPN before they start to use some SIP software. This can solve
41 the problem, but I think it's over complicated.
43 Besides, I never tried VPN on Linux, only did it on Windows: on windows
44 the downside is once a host has dialed up VPN, local network connection
45 is "hidden" for it, that I can no longer access the hosts in the same
46 office that has not yet dialed in the same VPN. This is not acceptable
47 for us.
48 --
49 Zhang Weiwu
50 Real Softservice
52 +86 592 2091112
54 --
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