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From: Meino Christian Cramer <Meino.Cramer@×××.de>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] OpenOffice build failed
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 02:43:44
1 Hi,
3 first of all: A BIG thank you to all that send replies to my initial
4 cry. :)
6 The real reason behind the unsuccessful build of OpenOffice was a
7 wrong PYTHONPATH, which I had fixed in the user settings but not for
8 the root account. They were rests from older settings, which I had
9 took over when starting with Gentoo.
11 The current build took five hours to finish, the CPU does not exceeds
12 a core temperature of 45.5 degree celsius and the 9.1 GByte on /tmp
13 were enough. Now I will remove the temporary installed symlink from
14 /var/tmp/portage.
16 Openoffice runs well in a quick test.
18 Thank you again for all your help!
19 Kind regards,
20 Meino
24 PS: May be it would be an idea to run a "system sanity check script"
25 before such megabuilds, which quickly not only checks for missing
26 software dependencies (which is already done) but also for a clean
27 environment AND STOP the build, if anything is wrong.
29 For example: An automatic echo on the console like "found only
30 5GBytes (need 9GBytes) on /var/tmp/portage have 3 seconds to
31 abort with ^C or I will continue" will not help for psychological
32 reasons: One who starts such a megabuild (and knows it will run for
33 hours) will press <RETURN> after the specific command and will go to
34 bed.
36 My suggestion would be to abort hard at once and only when given with
37 option "-f space" (force) will ignore _only_ the warning about
38 missing free space on hd. Other warnings will still be able to abort.
40 This way, the PYTHONPATH problem would have been discovered right in
41 the start phase and not after the whole build process when it comes
42 to the install process.
44 Only my two cents -- your mileage may vary.
45 Keep hacking!
46 Meino
48 --
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