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From: Michael George <george@××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o, ctwm@×××××××.se
Subject: [gentoo-user] broken fonts in vmware-player, realplayer
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 19:19:43
1 I recently upgraded my kernel and a few other packages on my system.
2 Now when I start up vmware-player, I don't get any fonts -- just little
3 blocks. I noticed the same thing when I start realplayer. Both seem to
4 work fine, but it's rather hard to work with them when I cannot see the
5 fonts 1n the windows.
7 I have an amd64 system and have asked over there and someone suggested
8 perhaps my gtk font paths are broken. I run CTWM rather than Gnome or
9 KDE (if that makes a difference...) and I'm not sure where they would be
10 broken that I need to fix them. In the past they have "just worked".
12 I ran kcontrol and checked to see if its fonts seem to be appearing
13 right, and they display fine. I found a reference when searching online
14 to gconftool-2, but I'm not sure what settings/directories I should look
15 at in there...
17 So far, I am not finding anything useful through Google. If anyone has
18 any references that I should or could read to help me with this, I'm all
19 ears.
21 I'm posting this to the gentoo-user and ctwm lists, as both the distro
22 and window manager would be involved...
24 Some package versions that might be relevant:
25 gtk+: both 1.2.10-r12 and 2.10.6 are installed
26 gtk+extra: 2.1.1
27 gtk-engines: 2.8.2
28 gtk-engines-xfce: 2.2.8-r1
29 emul-linux-x86-gtklibs: 10.0.r1
30 gentoo-sources (kernel): 2.6.19-r5
31 ctwm: 3.7
33 I recently upgraded a bunch of the emul-linux-x86 libraries.
34 I have tried to remove and re-emerge vmware-player to no avail.
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