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From: Abraham Marin Perez <abraham@×××××××××.es>
To: "Gentoo Users (Inglés)" <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] What happened to my CPU?
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 12:06:22
Message-Id: 1102939480.10176.16.camel@jimmy.homenetwork
1 Hi everyone:
3 Lately I had a very weird problem with my CPU. I keep my computer on
4 due to I hold a web page and some other stuff, but this morning my
5 computer was off. I ruled out tension or current peaks because I have an
6 UPS and no other electronic device at home seems to be affected by such
7 a thing, so I guess it had to be dued to something in my computer.
9 But that's not all. The actual problem is that when I turned it on
10 my system didn't recognise my AMD Athlon XP 1700 (what I had and have)
11 but just an AMD Athlon 1100. I haven't been able to find out whether
12 it's actually working at this lower speed or it's just a naming problem,
13 but anyway this seems to be a quite bizarre problem.
15 Is there anyone who has any idea about what happened and why? Thanks,
16 Abraham
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20 Abraham Marin Perez
21 Studying Computer Science at the University of Valencia
22 E-mail: abraham@×××××××××.es
23 Home page:
25 "Software is not expensive, but you don't know it"
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