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From: Mark David Dumlao <stuffinator@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Rhythmbox gnome shortcuts not working after portage update
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 13:07:26
1 Here I go again, breaking stuff without knowing what's going on! ^___^'
3 As the topic title says, my rhythmbox's gnome shortcuts aren't working
4 after running uDNav world. It's been a while since I ran uDNav, so the
5 jump must have been somewhat major... I'm guessing some default
6 configuration or use flag was stepped on, but I don't know what use
7 flag or config I should be looking for!
9 Rhytmbox shortcuts!
10 I'm a gnome fan and I use the keyboard shortcuts to give me media
11 player control. Using gnome,
12 under System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts,
13 I give myself various keyboard shortcuts.
15 They are all working, except...
16 Keyboard shortcuts has a "Previous Track" and "Next Track" bindings,
17 along with play/pause and other things used to control media players.
18 Prior to my update, I assigned Ctrl + Alt + PageUp / PageDown /
19 Spacebar for previous, next and play/pause. None of them are working
20 after my update - I press the shortcuts and nothing happens. I
21 rechecked the keyboard shortcut dialogue after the update, and sure
22 enough the bindings haven't changed, and changing them to some other
23 combination results in any joy.
25 Where do I look? It's gotta be a use flag I think...
27 ===
28 markd@trixie:~$ eix rhythmbox
29 [I] media-sound/rhythmbox
30 Available versions: 0.10.1-r1 ~0.11.2-r1 ~0.11.5 ~0.11.5-r1
31 ~0.11.6 {X cdr daap dbus debug doc flac gnome-keyring hal ipod
32 libnotify lirc mad mtp musicbrainz python tagwriting vorbis}
33 Installed versions: 0.10.1-r1(08:17:54 PHT Wednesday, 30 July,
34 2008)(dbus flac hal libnotify mad musicbrainz python tagwriting vorbis
35 -daap -debug -doc -gnome-keyring -ipod -lirc)
36 Homepage:
37 Description: Music management and playback software for GNOME


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