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From: Momesso Andrea <momesso.andrea@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] {OT} An old iBook G3 as server
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 10:51:29
Message-Id: 20081023104915.GA20396@revolver
1 I alredy have a gentoo home server up and running with decent hardware
2 (a FUJITSU SIEMENS Amilo M3438 laptop, Pentium M 1.86GHz, 1.5Gb ram)
3 that I use for general purpose (backup, portage-rsync, bittorrent,
4 groupware) and also for my wife's work (a joomla site, a ftp server,
5 and a mailing list manager).
7 The work my wife does as a researcher for the university is growing
8 fast, her group relays in the ftp server for uploading important
9 documents, and she also required me to set up a wiki.
11 I now think it's time to set up something more "hardened" and to have a
12 separated box for her work, to reduce the risk that I break things while
13 trying experimental stuff, masked packeges ecc.
15 It comes that they had from their mentor an old iBook G3 to see if it
16 fits their needs.
18 I will recive the machine tonight and start to work on it this weekend,
19 so yet I don't know the amount of memory it has, but I know for sure
20 it's expandible to 544Mb, and I will surely do the upgrade if needed.
22 Here are my questions:
24 - Is gentoo pcc stable enough to work on a server?
26 - What kind of checks should I do to verify that the hardware
27 (expecially the disk) is fine?
29 - Is it possible to use the other server (x86) to build packages for the
30 ppc?
32 - Due to my limited space I'd like to mount some non-vital stuff on nfs
33 shares. Is it aviceable to mount /usp/portage on nfs? or maybe just
34 the distfiles?
36 - What would you suggest for automatic daily backups?
38 - I use gentoo as the only os on all my machines and it is the distro I
39 fell confortable with, but is it really a good choiche in this case?
40 Would a compiled distro better fit my needs?
42 Thank yo in advance for your answers.


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