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From: "Canek Peláez Valdés" <caneko@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] kerninst (was Optional /usr merge in Gentoo)
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2013 17:31:13
1 I am following vanilla-sources in all my machines, which is what
2 people like Greg Kroah-Hartman actually recommends [1][2]. Since they
3 are now never stabilized [3], this means that I need to update them
4 pretty regularly to keep them safe.
6 This implies that I have to change the /usr/src/linux symbolic link,
7 configure the kernel using make oldconfig, compile it, install it,
8 install its modules, reemerge any package that provides kernel modules
9 (if any), regenerate its initramfs, regenerate the GRUB2 config file
10 OR adding a new entry in GRUB.
12 None of this steps are particularly difficult, but any mistake in one
13 of them can result in an unbootable system. So I wrote a little script
14 that takes care of each of this steps automagically:
18 So now everytime I need to use a new kernel version, I only do:
20 # eselect kernel set <new-kernel>
21 # kerninst
23 Everything is done by the script.
25 The script is 167 lines of Bash, and I think is pretty easy to follow
26 what it does. Any of the steps can be called individually, and I have
27 been using it in all of my machines without any problem. It works with
28 both GRUB and GRUB2, generating a very simple GRUB config file for
29 every image available in /boot, with corresponding inird line if
30 availabe.
34 • If /usr/src/linux points to /usr/src/linux-3.10.10, then the script
35 deletes /boot vmlinuz-3.10.10, /boot/initrd-3.10.10 *and*
36 /lib/modules/3.10.10.
37 • The script *WILL* overwrite your GRUB/GRUB2 configuration file, so
38 make a copy before trying it.
39 • The script requires a valid kernel .config file which will be copied
40 into /usrc/src/linux, and then used to configure the kernel with:
42 yes "" | make oldconfig
44 Some people recommend not doing this, and it can stall if a new
45 option for the kernel requires an answer with no default value.
46 • The script only supports dracut, but adding genkernel (or any other
47 initramfs maker) should be easy. Patches accepted. Dracut should be
48 already configured.
49 • I have only tested it with vanilla-sources, but probably will work
50 with other *-sources packages.
52 I have been using it in all of my machines for some days now, and it
53 works for me; but I take no responsibility if it breaks your machine,
54 or if it kills your dog.
56 Regards.
58 [1]
59 [2]
60 [3]
61 --
62 Canek Peláez Valdés
63 Posgrado en Ciencia e Ingeniería de la Computación
64 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


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