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From: Wolfgang Mueller <vehk@××××.de>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Bringing mdocml to Gentoo, MANPATH woes
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2017 15:21:35
Message-Id: 20170104152121.GA4124@tithonus.olympus
1 Hello, list.
3 For the past few days I have been working on bringing mdocml to Gentoo
4 as a full alternative to man-db. In the course of writing the ebuild,
5 I have come across some issues on which I would like to have some
8 1. When submitting the ebuild through bugzilla, is it enough to note
9 that virtual/man would need changes to reflect that mdocml satisfies
10 it, or does that warrant a new bug (with depedency on the ebuild)?
12 2. I have asked about the next questions on freenode's #gentoo-dev-help
13 channel already, but got no answer: What is the reasoning to suppress
14 the MANPATH environment variable in ebuilds? Updating/creating the
15 mandoc database in pkg_postinst will only pick up /usr/share/man, and
16 fully ignore the gcc and binutils manpages that are correctly set in
17 MANPATH. This also happens to man-db, which means that the manpages
18 gcc and binutils bring will *never* show up in apropos or man -k. I'd
19 be glad to open a bug about this, but wanted first to know if this is
20 actually a feature.
22 Note that MANPATH is also not set in the cron.daily script that man-db
23 brings. You can easily verify this bug like so:
25 $ man fsf-funding # this will correctly display the fsf-funding manpage
26 $ apropos fsf # this will find fsfreeze/etc, but *not* fsf-funding
28 On my testing system that has mdocml set up (and the correct paths fed
29 into makewhatis), apropos indeed finds fsf-funding. I have not tested
30 this with man-db yet, but I would assume that sourcing the environment
31 or somehow setting MANPATH in the ebuild and the cron script would fix
32 this and add the corresponding manpages to the man-db database.
34 And with this, we come to...
36 3. What would be the best way to set the MANPATH in the ebuild and the
37 cron script? It seems to me that sourcing /etc/profile in the ebuild's
38 pkg_postinst is a terrible hack, and in my current ebuild (see end of
39 this mail) I resolved to just let it run on /usr/share/man and to then
40 alert the user. My cron.daily script indeed sources /etc/profile before
41 running makewhatis.
43 I post this on the -user list because it seems to me that I have issues
44 relating to several distinct components. If this is better discussed
45 somewhere else, I would appreciate some pointers :)
47 You can find the ebuild (and corresponding files) here:
50 --
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