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10 > Routers:
11 The router issue was probably missed by a number of
12 people simply because in the states it is common for
13 the company to either lease out a router, or sell a
14 branded one that is just a standard router with the
15 Yahoo or cable company logo stamped on the side. At
16 the end of the service term it either goes back to the
17 Company or you can keep using it for the next service.
19 I get the impression that it is the same in Japan.
21 YahooBB (Their branding in Japan) has an option to pay
22 two or three hundred yen exta a month to lease a router.
24 >From what you are saying, it sounds like it is safe to
25 assume that it is NORMALY that way in the EU countries
26 as well. I could be wrong there. ^^;;
28 > The TiVo issue:
29 I previously missunderstood how the TiVo functioned. I
30 have to admit when I am wrong. I was under the impression
31 that the unit worked through a specific network or
32 providers that connected to the network. I have read
33 a little more on the subject, and I have to say that
34 there is a difference between a device designed to connect
35 to a specific network and receive a service, and a device
36 that is advertised as a DVR with a few addons.
38 The DirectTV reciever boxes make a littler more sense that
39 way, but not the standalones.
41 I still believe that a vender has a right to present a
42 service as they intend to use it, as long as they are
43 completely honest with their customers and do so within
44 the terms of any contracts they have with content and
45 software providers. In this case that means the GPL.
47 They were within the word of the GPL at the time. However,
48 they were not totally honest with the way they advertised
49 And hyped their product.
51 :P
53 After reading the Wikipedia article, I see that the VCR+
54 concept was the same thing without the requirement for
55 network fed TV guide listings. I _THINK_ VCR+ used an
56 encoded time stamp and channel number. :P
58 It never caught on so well though, because it didn't have
59 a lot of hype behind it except for the listing in the
60 TV Guide, and it used VHS tapes instead of a digital format.
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