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Subject: [gentoo-user] confessions of a former USE="-*" user
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 14:54:02
Message-Id: 20160413095341.021933ad@sepulchrave.remarqs
1 tl;dr: Getting rid of USE="-*" was a lot easier than I'd expected. A
2 little rebuilding, a lot of (easy) USE flag pruning, and I'm done.
4 Until yesterday, I've had USE="-*" for years. It caused me some time
5 sometimes, but I learned a lot during the time it cost me, so overall
6 I don't regret it. The reason I decided to get rid of it was that
7 because of the state Plasma 5 is in, the packaging devs have to use the
8 plasma profile for quite a few per-package USE flags, and I knew I
9 wouldn't have enough time (or motivation) to keep up with changes to
10 those.
12 I switched to Plasma 5 with USE="-*" still in place, but I copied the
13 package.use from the plasma profile to my own package.use to get
14 through it.
16 Then I took USE="-*" out of make.conf and deleted the Plasma 5
17 package.use I had copied from the profile.
18 'emerge -puvD --changed-use @world' wanted to rebuild ~80 packages. I
19 went through a few iterations of tweaking my flags and examining
20 emerge -p output, until it got down to ~35 packages. At that point, I
21 decided I was past the point of diminishing returns, removed the -p,
22 and let the rebuilding go forward. (I excluded libreoffice, since I
23 knew there was more re-rebuilding to come.)
25 At this point, there was still a lot of USE cruft in my make.conf. I
26 thought I'd go through it slowly over a few days, removing a few flags
27 at a time and running emerge -p to see what would happen. It turned
28 out to be a *lot* faster than I had expected -- the desktop plasma
29 profile has enabled almost every one of the flags I had enabled
30 manually. I removed "foo bar baz qux xyzzy" from USE and ran
31 emerge -p over and over again. Almost always, there was no change;
32 very occasionally I'd have to put a flag back.
34 After all that, I removed the PYTHON* and RUBY* variables from my
35 make.conf and had ~10 more packages to rebuild. I now have ruby 20 in
36 addition to the ruby 21 I had before, and I have no idea why. (The
37 python and ruby stuff always made me nervous because I never fully
38 understood it, and it's a relief to let the profile handle them from
39 now on.)
41 I'm done now except for the libreoffice rebuild, which is happening as
42 I type. I thought I'd spend days on the change, but using spare bits of
43 time during one day, I'd guess I spent 45 minutes to an hour on it.
44 Using USE="-*" means overriding all the dev decisions and making one's
45 own; I was surprised to find out how little my decisions had deviated
46 from the ones in the profile. I did learn a lot from having USE="-*"
47 for so long, but I did not have a system that was significantly
48 different than anyone who was just using a desktop profile.
50 Most of the time spent was actually looking at USE flag descriptions,
51 which continue to suck.


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