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From: Meik Frischke <meik.frischke@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Hugin panoramic picture and auto control points.
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 11:45:53
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Hugin panoramic picture and auto control points. by Dale
1 Hi Dale,
3 Hugin has a USE-flag for SIFT which pulls autopano-sift-C as a
4 dependency: sift? ( media-gfx/autopano-sift-C ). The SIFT algorithm used
5 to be patented [1] which could be a possible reason why the dependency
6 was not enabled by default, though you might have to ask the maintainer
7 for that. The patent is expired as of this year, so there is probably
8 little reason to not enable the USE flag for you. "autopano-noop" is an
9 obsolete wrapper [2] for autopano-sift-C which might be an artifact from
10 an earlier hugin version upgrade.
11 Anyway, good that you got it to work.
13 Sincerely,
14 Meik
17 [1]
18 [2]
21 Am 2020-11-21 06:36, schrieb Dale:
22 > Howdy,
23 >
24 > I been using Hugin to create panoramic pictures for years.  The
25 > automatic create control point button never worked.  It always spit out
26 > a error about a tool missing so I did it manually.  Time consuming to
27 > say the least.  I recently took a few pictures and got tired of
28 > spending
29 > all night going through pictures manually setting control points.  I
30 > decided to try and figure out how to fix it since all the programs and
31 > commands should be installed.  I went to File, Preferences and then
32 > clicked on the Control Point Detectors tab in the new window.  If you
33 > have autopano-sift-C installed, it should be the default.  Highlight it
34 > and then click Edit. Find Program and then click the Choose button. 
35 > The
36 > correct setting and path is /usr/bin/autopano-sift-c.  The default I
37 > think was or autopano-noop.  When I googled, I
38 > couldn't
39 > find that command anywhere so no idea why that is the default setting. 
40 > It took me a while to figure out where that setting was.  Google wasn't
41 > much help.  Once you have that set up, you should be able to add
42 > pictures and then tell it to Create Control Points and it work. 
43 >
44 > I don't know how few use this program on this list but since I get a
45 > lot
46 > of help here, I wanted to post this just in case it will help someone
47 > who does use this and has the same problem I had with having to do it
48 > manually.  Trust me, it is much faster and it does a awesome job so
49 > far.  What normally would take me all night only took a few minutes
50 > with
51 > the auto tool working plus it creates a lot more control points. 
52 >
53 > Hope this helps someone.  Pictures makes memories.  :-D  I may post a
54 > link to some at some point. 
55 >
56 > Dale
57 >
58 > :-)  :-) 


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