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From: Klaus Ethgen <Klaus+gentoo@××××××.de>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Re: Gentoo and OSS(4)
Date: Wed, 16 May 2018 06:44:40
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Re: Gentoo and OSS(4) by Martin Vaeth
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Am Mi den 16. Mai 2018 um  6:26 schrieb Martin Vaeth:
> Klaus Ethgen <Klaus+gentoo@××××××.de> wrote: > > - - What does that -oss in brackets mean? > > It means that it is masked in use.mask or package.use.mask > In your case the file /usr/portage/profiles/default/linux/package.use.mask > explains the reason.
> Whether this will compile and work is a different question: > You are on your own with that setting. Unmasking USE-flags is not > supported by gentoo. Bug reports will probably be closed as INVALID.
Thanks. That is fine with me. I won't install pulsaudio if it would not be the only way to use bluetooth audio. It just had the dependencie for the default flag udev to have oss or alsa enabled. And I do not have alsa. However if there is a better solution for bluetooth audio, I would be happy to drop pulseaudio completely. I believe that other applications like cmus will work fine with oss. Regards Klaus - -- Klaus Ethgen pub 4096R/4E20AF1C 2011-05-16 Klaus Ethgen <Klaus@××××××.ch> Fingerprint: 85D4 CA42 952C 949B 1753 62B3 79D0 B06F 4E20 AF1C -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Comment: Charset: ISO-8859-1 iQGzBAEBCgAdFiEEMWF28vh4/UMJJLQEpnwKsYAZ9qwFAlr700UACgkQpnwKsYAZ 9qxL4gv+NJZN5qCk6eufDLj7mD/NHBcszSyHyUXhakisSAiP2H78HUAgt1EzA677 /alMQ16vhoyscIAf6rdKzP3xqN2SOf84cltJMv9Yp+vXwN/LYZmfvGk9bjLBLUz4 6jt06k6/EUwi7aVgOp9ByJEpVwpkXwj4ueDP2fft1dLhh7DTKsuWkpNS+LHNOMwB DIsPLIpqBtBAB+Qn15kfxvH9ZafdxEMHak1/0IptZZ9GOtwbGBenQOuDXBKp9siZ LHIYz3E8q6GrJzvh/qyYzuTmQ7y66Xgf6jDenubl8zfnUVn8ntKPt5rG8b7LI0l9 B3EvNly2dVqjrUVUe/aDhfpOTHRw/GzpNoBtg4dFAwWr8lifpcJrwjiTrg7UYoyr B2LnPlKTsBCHhWAoF1d4a1EybhoIATAmyg2bGkm7ZfDfHP2a2kc+fkruh5gFxCXB hnFpVh0EkFP2Z8vv7gYPnSgKQk6ro0iVUO6piLQXd49n5NXAe9N2NampaZoi2Z4N hbmwGT4z =UvUL -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----