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From: Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] How to prevent emacs from installing v24?
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2012 16:41:19
Message-Id: k4uvjo$sg6$
How do I prevent emerge from demanding that emacs 24 be installed?  I
uninstalled it a few days ago and re-installed 23 because 24 was just
too buggy to be usable.

I put this in /etc/portage/package.mask to keep 24 from getting


But emerge -u keeps insisting that it be allowed to re-install emacs 24:

   # emerge -auvND world
   These are the packages that would be merged, in order:
   Calculating dependencies... done!
   [ebuild     U  ] virtual/libffi-3.0.11 [0] 0 kB
   [ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libtasn1-2.13 [2.12] USE="-doc -static-libs" 1,919 kB
   [ebuild  N     ] app-emacs/emacs-common-gentoo-1.3-r3  USE="X -games" 0 kB
   [ebuild     U  ] net-libs/gnutls-2.12.20 [2.12.18] USE="cxx nettle nls zlib -bindist -doc -examples -guile -lzo -pkcs11 -static-libs -test" 7,062 kB
   [ebuild  NS   #] app-editors/emacs-24.2 [23.4-r4] USE="X alsa gpm gtk jpeg png svg tiff xft xpm -Xaw3d (-aqua) -athena -dbus -games -gconf -gif -gnutls -gsettings -gtk3 -gzip-el -hesiod -imagemagick -kerberos -libxml2 -livecd -m17n-lib -motif -pax_kernel (-selinux) -sound -source -toolkit-scroll-bars -wide-int" 33,902 kB
   [ebuild  N     ] virtual/emacs-24  0 kB
   [ebuild     U  ] net-analyzer/wireshark-1.8.3 [1.8.2-r2] USE="caps gcrypt gtk ipv6 pcap ssl zlib -adns -doc -doc-pdf -geoip -kerberos -libadns -lua -portaudio -profile -python (-selinux) -smi" 23,559 kB
   [ebuild     U  ] net-dns/dnsmasq-2.63 [2.57] USE="dhcp ipv6 nls -conntrack% -dbus -idn -lua% -script% -tftp" LINGUAS="-de% -es% -fi% -fr% -id% -it% -no% -pl% -pt_BR% -ro%" 370 kB
   [ebuild     U  ] app-shells/gentoo-bashcomp-20101217-r1 [20101217] 23 kB
   Total: 9 packages (6 upgrades, 2 new, 1 in new slot), Size of downloads: 66,833 kB
   The following mask changes are necessary to proceed:
   #required by virtual/emacs-24, required by app-emacs/emacs-common-gentoo-1.3-r3, required by app-editors/emacs-23.4-r4, required by @selected, required by @world (argument)
   # /etc/portage/package.mask:
   NOTE: The --autounmask-keep-masks option will prevent emerge
         from creating package.unmask or ** keyword changes.
   Use --autounmask-write to write changes to config files (honoring CONFIG_PROTECT).

How do I tell emerge that I don't want emacs 24?   

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