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From: James <wireless@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: gigabyte mobo latency
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 20:41:20
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Re: gigabyte mobo latency by Rich Freeman
1 Rich Freeman <rich0 <at>> writes:
4 > So, I realize there are many strong opinions regarding systemd, but
5 > this comes across a bit like, "one should be well-accustomed to
6 > building and operating a Linux-From-Scratch installation before one
7 > attempts to master the (Ubuntu) beast."
9 Rich, embedded is my background. I'm more of an EE
10 over the years. so YES, to me it is very important to
11 understand hardware and the firmwares that allow all
12 of the OO-gui stuffage that exists (and is wonderfull).
14 I remember when CS was a group of wacko's down the hall in a closet......
16 > Sure, all that auto-magic stuff does add complexity, but it does so
17 > with the goal of standardizing and automating this so that you can use
18 > the system without having to worry about all the details. If you are
19 > running a systemd service you can set the various cgroup controls like
20 > IO and CPU class/priority in the unit and it will take care of
21 > managing the cgroup for you.
23 You have an idealized view of what is going on in the cluster code spaces.
24 (systemd issue abound aplenty). Folks are just loading binaries on top
25 of binaries and look for salvation via config files. As a hardware engineer,
26 you must have a firm (solid) foundation. Opaqueness does not equal solid.
27 What linun had was firm and scope_able. With systemd, I'm not so sure,ymmv.
29 If the systemd devs and perveyors feel pressure to make systemd a
30 superior technology; what's wrong with that? I like the promise
31 of systemd; I *hate* the way it has been jammed down on everyone. That
32 sort of approach is certain to illicit a nasty response. Really, we have to
33 abondon what has worked reasonable well, whilst we tweak something that
34 is still morpologically a mystery? Now that I'm finally getting around to
35 learning deeply about cgroups, I like that very very much too. Despite
36 what many "experts" have said, I think the traditional approach has
37 a very long life ahead.
39 OK? so, we do not have to go any deeper into this, do we?
42 > Certainly learning the nuts and bolts of how it all works is
43 > worthwhile - I wouldn't be running Gentoo if I felt otherwise.
44 > However, you really don't have to know how to build your own service
45 > manager to use one.
47 Your talking to a guy that used punch cards, wire_wrapped boards
48 and used seven-segment-LEDs. You sure you want to go this route?
49 Another old fart I know, build chips that support things that go
50 beyond mach 7. The old ways are the best ways and one day they
51 will be "re-discovered", imho. As an embedded-old-fart, I have
52 boards running 2.2 based linux kernels. I wish LFS had been around
53 back then..... I got stuff that "bootstraps" a microP with assembler code.
56 > As far as docs go - what specifically is unclear? Systemd is rapidly
57 > evolving so things do get out of date, but for the most part stuff
58 > like this can be found in man systemd.exec and such. Lennart's series
59 > of blog posts on system administration using systemd is a very good
60 > place to start.
62 I think once Lennart moves on to something else (as many have pondered)
63 systemd will become more attractive. In my youth, I did not understand
64 'good manners' and lennart epitomizes some episodes in my tempetuous youth I
65 regret. Somebody needs to leash that guy, imho. He's not great or wonderful.
66 He is a loose cannon at best. Nothing anyone is going to say, write, or do
67 will replace the harm he has sowed with his rude manners. HE does not have
68 the right to play god with the linux kernel. Neither does that idiot Linus,
69 imho. The kernel belongs to *everyone*.
71 You and the other systemd (herd/project) dudes are wonderful. Right now,
72 I just like openrc/cgroups/assembler and stories from other old_farts.
73 You young whipper_snappers should be very glad us old farts still hack
74 and hang out like we do. Kids might look at him and say "Wow". Older folks
75 just murmur under their breath that this snot_nosed_kid should have been
76 bitch_slapped by that idiot Linus. He failure to reign in that looser
77 cannot be white_washed by anyone; so let's just let this go.......
78 The more I read about the entire affair the more pissed I get.
81 peace (at least inside my faraday_cage),
82 James
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