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Subject: [gentoo-user] More whining about evdev and Xorg 1.5
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 03:54:05
1 I am beginning to feel that either I am incredibly dense or everybody
2 else is, unless absolutelyeverybody is, and I am one of the few who is
3 not too proud to admit it :-O
5 I have a ~amd64 system with xorg 1.5.2, and running without any X
6 config file is the only way I can get any kind of X system running,
7 but then various keys don't work -- LEFT, DOWN, END, PAGE DOWN at
8 least, but RIGHT, UP, INS, DEL, HOME, PAGE UP work. I have fvwm
9 configured to recognize the Windows MENU key but that doesn't work
10 now, however I am not worried about that now, and expect it is one of
11 the XkbOptions and not important right now. I could be wrong.
13 I have whatever defaults come in /etc/hal/fdi/policy. I have tried
14 variations in there, but they either do nothing or make it worse.
16 I have asked on the forums, used forum and google search, and this
17 seems to be a very common problem, yet the suggested solutions are all
18 over the map, and after trying several which had no effect or a bad
19 effect, I have gone back to no mods at all, a nice virgin X11 and Hal,
20 except I have a .xmodmaps which seems to make no difference so I just
21 leave it in place for the time being. I can live with this, not
22 happily, but better than fighting a downgrade.
24 Is there any definitive solution to this, any definitive guide?
26 --
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