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Subject: [gentoo-user] Cleaning up world
Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 17:32:08
1 In a previous thread, I learned about keeping world simple with
2 --oneshot. I realized how mine had gotten so bloated -- when I
3 update, I edit the --pretend output and feed that directly into
4 emerge without the benefit of --oneshot.
6 So today I started a cleanup project. I began by moving world to
7 world-bloated and running emerge --depclean -p just to see what would
8 happen. The answer is ... a loop!
10 There were a couple of missing or out of date packages and I emerged
11 them. But libusb has to be 10.6 to make some packages happy and 10.7
12 to satisfy others.
14 I have been down this route before. I don't feel like unmerging
15 either side of the mess, and even if I didn't want the packages, it is
16 way too much hassle to unmerge them one by one as the list of unhappy
17 packages grows.
19 So, what is the proper way to recreate a proper world file? If
20 depclean can finally run one of these days when gentoo gets back in
21 sync, is staring with an empty world file as good as anything else?
22 The idea of trying to make intelligent guesses about which packages
23 are truly top level, out of 3000+ packages, is not enticing.
25 --
26 ... _._. ._ ._. . _._. ._. ___ .__ ._. . .__. ._ .. ._.
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