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From: Marcus Wanner <marcusw@×××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] The story of a successful move from ~x86 back to x86.
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 22:56:09
Message-Id: 1291589684.3457.48.camel@marcus-kubuntu
1 Hey all, remember me? I'm the guy with the old desktop from this thread:
4 That post tells the beginning of the story pretty nicely. To pick up
5 where I left off 11 months ago, I used the computer occasionally as a
6 device to control general IO through the parallel port, but never did
7 anything with portage. When it got cold about a week ago, I determined
8 that it was time to bring the box back from the dead to work as a...
9 space heater. I decided take the ~x86 system, up to date as of January
10 1st, 2010, and switch back to x86. This was the plan (outlined in a
11 post, by Alan I do believe, from around the same time as the one linked
12 to):
13 1. Change ACCEPT_KEYWORDS from "~x86" to "x86" in make.conf.
14 2. Keyword the specific version of all installed packages which are
15 newer than the current stable.
16 3. Gradually wait for x86 to catch up to the installed system and
17 unkeyword packages as newer versions are installed.
19 In this case, I did most of the waiting for stable to catch up before
20 doing anything else, and it turns out that it paid off (only sixteen
21 packages were in need of keywording). Here's a retroactively simplified
22 summary of what I did, with a more detailed listing below:
23 Changed ACCEPT_KEYWORDS to "x86" in /etc/make.conf.
24 emerge --sync
25 Updated @system
26 Did the layman symlink thing.
27 Removed openrc due to file conflicts (seems to have been replaced?)
28 Had a heck of a time with the libpng 1.2-1.4 update
29 Was puzzled by with the move from dev-libs/poppler to app-text/poppler
30 Updated @world
31 Masked >=sys-apps/ still won't build correctly.
32 Removed firefox and xulrunner on account of weird slotting problems and
33 xulrunner taking >1 hour to build.
34 Removed xsane and sane-backends because it won't build and I won't be
35 using it.
36 Was slightly confused by the bluez move.
37 Manually installed some grub stages.
38 Keyworded 16 packages which are newer than the current stable (step 2
39 above).
40 Was exceedingly confused by the gdbm format changes. The only offending
41 database was /etc/sasl2/sasldb2, which I renamed hoping it wouldn't
42 break anything.
43 Updated the kernel according to my usual procedure.
44 emerge -e world (took almost exactly 30.5 hours, no errors)
46 So it's quite possible to move from unstable to stable, it's just not
47 very pretty. Thanks for your advice way back when; it seems to have
48 worked out in the end. Any opinions on what I did right/shouldn't have
49 done the way I did?
51 Marcus Wanner
54 Here's my detailed log of all the commands I ran/changes I made, in
55 chronological order, for those that are interested:
56 changed /etc/make.conf from ~x86 to x86
57 emerge --sync
58 ln -s /var/lib/layman /usr/local/portage/layman
59 emerge -u system
60 etc-update
61 emerge -C openrc #was causing problem
62 emerge -u system #completing after problem
63 etc-update
64 emerge -uD system (128 packs; 112 done)
65 revdep-rebuild --library '/usr/lib/' (it failed because
66 dev-libs/poppler had moved)
67 emerge -C dev-libs/poppler (and 2 similar-named reverse deps)
68 emerge -1 app-text/poppler (to replace it)
69 revdep-rebuild --library '/usr/lib/' (42 packs; failed at
70 pygtk again)
71 emerge -av dev-util/lafilefixer
72 lafilefixer --justfixit
73 emerge -uD system (pygtk still failing about -lpng12)
74 emerge libpng:1.2
75 emerge -uD system (no change)
76 masked >=dev-python/pygtk-2.17.0
77 emerge -uD system (10 packs)
78 perl-cleaner --all (17 packs)
79 emerge -C dev-util/lafilefixer
80 emerge -u world (49 packs; 6 done; v86d failed due to old kernel)
81 (updated kernel to 2.6.36-r12)
82 emerge -1uv x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers (module-rebuild wanted old
83 version)
84 emerge -u world (41 packs, failed at first one, v86d, again)
85 masked >=sys-apps/v86d-0.1.3-r1
86 emerge -u world (38 packs; 11 done; failed at mousepad from "cannot find
87 -lpng12")
88 /usr/sbin/
89 emerge -C libpng:1.2
90 emerge -u world (27 packs; 9 done; failed at awesome due to convert
91 using the wrong libjpeg)
92 unmasked pygtk since libpng seems to be fixed
93 revdep-rebuild -L (failed because of xulrunner upgrade
94 causing slotting problems)
95 emerge -C xulrunner
96 emerge -C firefox (didn't really need them...)
97 Removed xulrunner and firefox from USE
98 revdep-rebuild -L (failed because of sane-backends
99 downgrade)
100 emerge -uDav @world (to find to-be-downgraded packages)
101 emerge -C bluez-libs bluez-utils cwiid (were bocking
102 net-wireless/bluez-4.75)
103 emerge -uDav @world (to find to-be-downgraded packages)
104 Keyworded 16 to-be-downgraded packages; media-sound/lame-3.98.2-r2 and
105 xfce-base/libxfce4util-4.7.1 were still to be downgraded but are not
106 major so I unkeyworded them.
107 revdep-rebuild -L (wanted to downgrade sane-backends AGAIN)
108 emerge --oneshot media-gfx/imagemagick:0 (all the others will be
109 rebuilt anyway; this one is needed for the upgrade however)
110 emerge -u world (13 packs; all done)
111 grub-install --recheck --no-floppy /dev/sda
112 emerge -uD world (77 packs; 40 done; proceeded to do xulrunner which
113 takes more than an hour so I stopped it)
114 added "-xulrunner -firefox" to USE
115 emerge -uD world (36 packs; all done)
116 emerge -ep world
117 masked <sys-apps/v86d-0.1.9, <dev-libs/klibc-1.5.15-r1
118 keyworded sys-apps/v86d-0.1.9, x11-themes/gtk-engines-nodoka-0.7.2,
119 net-misc/ethercard-diag-20050321.1g, =dev-libs/klibc-1.5.15-r1
120 emerge -ep world (checking for packages to be updated)
121 emerge -av1 dev-lang/swig gnome-base/gnome-common app-arch/cabextract
122 x11-misc/imake sys-apps/help2man app-text/docbook-xml-dtd dev-lang/ocaml
123 dev-util/scons app-text/gnome-doc-utils app-text/rarian dev-libs/boost
124 app-text/asciidoc dev-util/cmake media-gfx/blender
125 emerge -e world (took 30.5 hours; no failures)
126 revdep-rebuild (just in case)
127 sane 1.0.19-r2 was still giving me trouble: "make[1]: *** No rule to
128 make target `', needed by `all'. Stop.", so I removed
129 it.
130 rm '/usr/lib/'
131 rm '/usr/lib/' (some package told me to)
132 revdep-rebuild (just so I could hear "success")
133 mv /etc/sasl2/sasldb2 /etc/sasl2/sasldb2.old (I was too lazy to fix the
134 whole gdbm thing and hoped this wouldn't break anything)


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