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From: Bill Longman <bill.longman@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Grub2 and use-flags
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 17:03:37
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Grub2 and use-flags by Kevin O'Gorman
1 On 06/18/2010 08:17 AM, Kevin O'Gorman wrote:
2 > I'm running grub 2 it seems. I don't know when that started, or what
3 > difference it makes compared to legacy grub. I guess I don't need to
4 > know. But a recent post had me looking at use-flags, and I was a bit
5 > surprised to find (ncurses -static). If this refers to the part of grub
6 > that I run when setting up or tweaking while Linux is already running, I
7 > guess that's sensible. But does it have any effect on the boot sequence
8 > (because both of those would strike me as badly broken).
9 >
10 > I also wonder what -custom-cflags would be used for, and I don't get any
11 > sensible answer from flagedit(1).
12 >
13 > Just an inquiring mind...
14 >
15 > [I] sys-boot/grub
16 > Available versions: 0.92-r1 0.94-r1 0.96-r1 0.96-r2 ~0.96-r3 ~0.97
17 > 0.97-r2 0.97-r3 0.97-r4 0.97-r5 0.97-r6 ~0.97-r8 0.97-r9 **1.98 **9999
18 > {custom-cflags debug multislot ncurses netboot static truetype}
19 > Installed versions: 0.97-r9(06:16:18 AM 03/03/2010)(ncurses
20 > -custom-cflags -netboot -static)
21 > Homepage:
22 > Description: GNU GRUB 2 boot loader
24 I think it's used in both places, Kevin. You certainly see ncurses when
25 you're in grub and doing a setup for instance, but you'd need ncurses at
26 boottime in order to highlight which grub record you wanted to edit and
27 all the fancy stuff it does out there before the OS begins.
29 My hunch about -custom-cflags is that, by default, grub would want to
30 make its binary as generic as possible. But if you want to see your grub
31 menus that many nanoseconds sooner, you could always apply your own über
32 mega hyper powered extra special smokin' grub.
34 And finally, don't even mention how braindead the "new" improved grub
35 is. I wonder how anyone can feel that having to write six paragraphs in
36 some one-off bash-like language, which needs to be debugged, is better
37 than four lines in a config file.
39 Bill


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