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Subject: [gentoo-user] getting the right answer from `hostname --long'
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 06:46:09
Just trashed the mobo on my gentoo machine and reinstalled on a
different machine entirely.

I'm setting up sendmail... something I've done many times but each
time it has been a right pain in the butt.  No exception this time...
I'm not running a mailserver, just a stand alone machine that
retrieves and sends my personal mail.

I've used sendmail successfully for 8-9 yrs and have no interest in
changing MTA's unless there is a very good reason.

In previous installs I haven't had this particular problem.  Sendmail
and other apps complain of not finding a qualified host name.

I've always used a home-made host name (for 8-9 yrs now)... 
in this case:

I've setup these files:

hosts - resolv.conf - /etc/conf.d/hostname - /etc/conf.d/domainname

I'm not running bind or anything involving /etc/nsswitch

Putting the right stuff in these has always done the trick but not
this time.  I may be forgetting something:

hosts:   localhost      chub
  ## ============================
  192.168.x.xx     chub.local.net0      chub   # gentoo

  nameserver # Its a gateway router that queries 
                          # IPS nameservers
  domain local.net0

   # Set to the hostname of this machine


# /etc/conf.d/domainname

  # When setting up resolv.conf, what should take precedence?
  # If you wish to always override DHCP/whatever, set this to 1.
  # To have a proper FQDN, you need to setup /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf
  # properly (domain entry in /etc/resolv.conf, and FQDN in /etc/hosts).
  # This only set what /bin/hostname returns.  If you need to setup NIS, meaning
  # what /bin/domainname returns, please see:

With all this set the `hostname' command returns:
  hostname chub
  hostname --long localhost

I want to see `local.net0' not `localhost'... so does sendmail and
squid I think.

Can anyone spot what I've forgotten or messed up?

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