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Subject: [gentoo-user] cannot boot system whose root is zfs
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2016 01:54:49
1 Hi. Using dracut and systemd I am having a terrible time trying to boot
2 a system whose root file system is zfs, along with some other datasets I
3 have created in the pool. the zfs module does load, but it cannot find
4 the pool. It gets to the sysroot.mount service and dies. I think the
5 problem seems to have something to do with how I specify the root
6 parameter in the kernel command line. The pool has a dataset called
7 root with the bootfs parameter. I tried specifying root=rpool/root
8 rootfstype=zfs, but no joy. I also tried root=ZFS=rpool/root but that
9 didn't work either. I also tried root=ZFS:rpool/root but that didn't
10 work either. I found those possibilities on the net, at least two of
11 them inthe various gentoo wikis.
13 Also, I want to be sure I am using the correct ffstab entry -- I have
14 rpool/root / zfs defaults 0 0
15 and similar.
17 At the point where it dies, dracut has not imported the pool and
18 importing and mounting it works, but the boot will not continue.
20 I am using kernel 4.1.15 and 6.5.3 zfs components.
22 Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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