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From: "Steve [Gentoo]" <gentoo_steve@×××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Weird high-level question about an ad-hoc wiki-like database
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 17:27:53
1 I am looking for a client-server package (preferably with the server on
2 gentoo from portage) which provides something which is vaguely like
3 CRM... but in reverse - and for personal as opposed to corporate use.
5 One requirement is for it to act as an address book that will allow me
6 to associate:
8 Contact name, phone number, mobile number, email address etc.
9 Company name, location, notes
10 Communication time-stamp; notes; associated documents.
12 I'd like to be able to search all that for keywords... and to be able to
13 find out at a glance from, say, a phone number when I was last contacted
14 and what happened. I'd also like to be able to tell quickly if I've
15 talked to other contacts at the same company - and, if so, how recently
16 - and about what.
18 Of primary importance is the idea that I want to be able to resolve
19 these kinds of things as quickly as possible (so it looks as if I'm not
20 yet senile because I don't remember who someone is.) It would be great
21 if it would integrate with my postfix email server and tag incoming
22 mails if they are referenced by my inverse CRM system. :-)
24 I think it would be invaluable when getting quotes for things, for
25 example, when you ask a dozen companies - forget who is who... but then
26 get quotes by phone... and you wish you knew what they had promised on
27 the previous call.
29 Does anyone use anything that might fit the bill? Any other suggestions?
30 Does anyone use a good address book (preferably one which integrates
31 with Thunderbird via LDAP)?
33 I hope this isn't too off-topic.
35 --
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