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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Questions about hacked sites and passwords
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 03:02:36
1 Howdy,
3 It was on the news that some company got hacked into that was related to
4 Amazon. They said Amazon users should change their password just as a
5 precaution. I have a questions tho. I use some pretty good passwords
6 for the things that matter, sites such as my bank, credit card, ebay,
7 paypal, newegg and others that may store things such as my credit card
8 numbers. Here is a example but not a close match to a typical password:
10 $cb78862A!
12 According to those password strength websites, that is a great
13 password. Fairly long and lots of assorted characters and impossible to
14 guess since it contains no personal info such as birthdays or pets.
15 This is fairly typical for sites that matter. I may use something
16 simple for sites such as forums or something tho.
18 My question. If I have a really good password and someone gets hacked,
19 should I change the password if the passwords are still safe? In other
20 words, they got some data such as email addys but the passwords and
21 credit cards are still secure. Should a person change it anyway?
23 One reason I ask this. I remember my passwords well. If I go to
24 changing them every time someone gets hacked, I'll never be able to keep
25 up with them again. I use Lastpass to remember them but it could stop
26 working because of a upgrade or something. Then again, I could use its
27 autogenerate thing and just HOPE for the best on upgrades.
29 Thoughts? What do you guys, and our gal, do in situations like this?
31 Dale
33 :-) :-)
35 --
36 I am only responsible for what I said ... Not for what you understood or how you interpreted my words!
38 Miss the compile output? Hint:
39 EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS="--quiet-build=n"


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