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From: walt <w41ter@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] [~amd64] Some possibly (?) helpful hints re the big gnome-3.8 update
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 21:44:26
Message-Id: kt1eum$rf4$
1 First hint: it's a mess -- don't do it on a critical machine.
2 (My main machine is ~amd64 and that's why I'm doing it on virtual
3 ~amd64 machines first.)
5 The new gnome-shell demands that systemd be installed, even if you
6 don't intend to use it.
8 The latest systemd conflicts with udev because the udev project
9 has been rolled into systemd, which now provides all of the files
10 previously installed by udev.
12 Therefore your machine will still boot without udev because systemd
13 installs all the udev files. You don't need to start or use systemd
14 if you don't want to, but the systemd package must be installed
15 *before* you reboot and after removing udev.
17 Removal of udev has caused a few (temporary) problems with useflags,
18 because a few packages still depend directly on udev instead of the
19 newer (!systemd ? udev) which means accept either one but not both.
20 That will get fixed soon, I'm sure.
22 The right way to upgrade gnome is probably to remove every gnome
23 package on the machine, which will avoid many of the conflicts I've
24 had to fight for the last two days -- but of course I did it the hard
25 way instead :)
27 You can try emerge -au gnome-light early in the update, which is
28 simpler than emerging gnome in all its immensity, but that's no
29 guarantee of success -- I'm sure you'll still run into conflicts
30 between packages and useflags, but it might be a bit easier.
32 When you see conflicting packages that won't install, I suggest
33 deleting both packages immediately -- let portage sort out the
34 conflicts. Just keep removing packages until portage finally
35 stops complaining.
37 Beware of pambase, however. I finally took Canek's advice and
38 removed consolekit from the machine and unset the useflag for
39 all packages, including pambase and polkit. I'd suggest you
40 get pambase and polkit re-installed with the proper useflags
41 before you try to reboot. Dunno if that's mandatory, but I did
42 it that way and had no problems (yet).
44 I've finished updating my virtual gentoo systemd machine now,
45 but I'm still fighting with the virtual openrc machine and I'm
46 not sure how it will turn out. More tomorrow :)