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From: Michael Jones <gentoo@×××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Update gentoo from live usb?
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2022 08:24:53
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Update gentoo from live usb? by Andreas Fink
1 On Sun, Jan 30, 2022, 01:36 Andreas Fink <finkandreas@×××.de> wrote:
3 > Hello,
4 >
5 > I have a couple of systems that I do not update regularily (some not
6 > even for years). But then sometimes I feel, hey I should do an update.
7 > I have one master build server which builds packages and keeps them as
8 > binary packages, annd all my systems pull the gentoo portage tree from
9 > this master build server, additionally also the configs in /etc/portage
10 > is the same amongst all boxes, i.e. use flags et al are all the same.
11 >
12 > Now comes the misery when I want to update an old box, because of
13 > unsupported EAPI and what not. One way that I used in the past was to
14 > extract a stage-3 tarball over the existing root system, and then do
15 > the upgrade, which works to some extent, but it does not seem right.
16 > Coming now to my question: Is it possible to start a live gentoo system
17 > with a recent portage version and then tell portage that it should
18 > install the packages in /mnt/gentoo (which is the real system I care
19 > about). I have heard about the prefix project, but I'm not sure if this
20 > is exactly what I want.
21 > Maybe a second approach would be to get the minimal set of binary
22 > packages from the master build server and extract them manually, such
23 > that I end up with a recent enough portage which supports all EAPIs
24 > that are in the tree. But I have no clue how to get the minimal set of
25 > packages that I would need to extract.
26 >
27 > Does anybody have other approaches (besides starting from scratch)?
28 >
31 Portage is supposed to offer an upgrade path for any system up to a year
32 out of date.
34 If you grab the version of portage from the last upgrade time of the system
35 being updated plus 6-12 months (however daring you feel like being) you
36 should be able to upgrade it that much without needing to do a lot of
37 fiddling.
39 Repeat until you're updated.
42 Going forward, you could consider having your build host take a snapshot /
43 backup of the binpkgs it builds every 3-6 months, with the associated
44 portage tree, so that you can use those to update your sporadically updated
45 machines.
48 I strongly recommend against overwriting your system with a stage3. Any
49 package that has a changed list of files will leave orphans behind. And
50 finding them all will be pretty dang hard.
53 Personally I just make a point to keep my not very large number of machines
54 updated, but I do it by hand. You might want to look and see if anyone's
55 written any scripts that automatically update + restart services / reboot
56 periodically, and email you upon problem
58 >


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