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From: Alan Grimes <ALONZOTG@×××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Nvidia-drivers,
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2018 16:40:39
1 Gentlemen, we have a problem...
3 Okay, ~ a week ago there was a power outage at my place, everything goes
4 down for a day or two. I had recently refreshed my UPS batteries, so I
5 had a chance to put that into the circuit, no biggy.
7 Since nobody will offer me a job, I was playing Kerbal space program yet
8 again. (not even Don Corleone could get me a job at this point, I
9 frequently joke about the horse head trick but, seriously, I don't think
10 even that would work...)
12 So, after all of two and a half days of uptime, nvidia drivers takes
13 x'-doze down.
15 I was like "Ok, fine, I'll do a maintenance cycle on my machine and all
16 will be good..."
18 So I update the bios, update the kernel, update portage, flush a few
19 dead packages down the memory hole... Ok, my system was in shape again...
21 So, I'm back in kerbal, another day or two goes by, I'm sitting there
22 trying to figure out whether I have enough room in my departure corridor
23 to slot in a contract mission to Jool.. I wasn't even sitting down, just
24 poking around in my kitchen. When I got back, the game was frozen. I had
25 to log in with my PoS laptop which is useful only for this task. I found
26 that KSP, and X'doze were live-locked, presumably on a Nvidia-drivers
27 bug. =( I tried killing off KSP but it ended up going zombie... I tried
28 killing off parent processes, no luck, I then tried shutting down the
29 machine the normal way, no good. I eventually ended up going to the
30 dusty 28 year old power commander thing and throwing the big orange
31 switch labelled COMPUTER (complete and instantaneous removal of power).
33 What's going on here? Nvidia drivers have been stable for years...
34 what's the deal? =\
37 --
38 Please report bounces from this address to atg@×××××××××.com
40 Powers are not rights.


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