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Subject: [gentoo-user] LibreOffice 3.4.4: required HDD space
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 09:11:29
1 Hello!
2 I decided to upgrade LibreOffice this week to the verstion 3.4.4.
3 Before trying to build this package, emerge performed the pre-check
4 of available space on my hard disk - 9GB. I did have this amount of
5 free space on the drive, but I noticed that after about 8 hours of
6 compiling it took only ~4 GB on my HDD. First of all, I thought that it
7 was compiling *really* slowly and that it hadn't even made a half of
8 the job. However, after about a half an hour it finished with success
9 and I noticed that altogether it took about 4.5 GB on HDD.
10 So it checked 9GB (and earlier versions of LO indeed needed almost
11 such amount of free space), but took only as much as 4.5 GB.
13 The question is: why?
17 P.S. Today I tried to install LO v.3.4.4 on the machine with about 6 GB
18 of free space. Emerge performed its regular pre-check and refused to
19 build the package. I changed the
21 to
23 in "libreoffice-" and everything went fine.
25 Regards,
26 Vladimir
28 -----
29 <v_2e@×××.net>


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