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From: Dan Johansson <Dan.Johansson@×××.nu>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Daily update fails
Date: Thu, 07 May 2020 08:04:47
Today when I tried to do my daily "emerge --update ... @world", portage 
spitted out a lot of "Multiple package instances within a single package 
slot have been pulled" messages.

I thought this could be due to the depreciation of python3_6 so I added
*/* PYTHON_TARGETS: python3_6 python3_7
*/* PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET: -* python3_6
,as per the news item published, to my package.use and now I get the 
following instead:

!!! The ebuild selected to satisfy "app-office/scribus" has unmet 
- app-office/scribus-1.5.5-r1::gentoo USE="boost minimal pdf templates 
-debug -examples -graphicsmagick -hunspell -osg -scripts -tk" 
ABI_X86="(64)" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="-python2_7"
   The following REQUIRED_USE flag constraints are unsatisfied:

   The above constraints are a subset of the following complete expression:
     exactly-one-of ( python_single_target_python2_7 ) tk? ( scripts )

I tried to unmerge scribus but that just made another package complain 
about "python_single_target_python2_7".

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Dan Johansson,
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